“I have found my happiness”

“I have found my happiness”
“I have found my happiness”

Giulia Salemi talks to the microphones of Comingsoon.it.

Giulia Salemi opens his heart and tells himself in the round to the microphones of Comingsoon.it. Fresh from the success of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip, the beautiful Italian-Persian model and influencer is enjoying a truly golden moment both from a professional and a sentimental point of view. After participating in the reality show by Alfonso Signorini, where she met and fell in love with her dessert Pierpaolo Pretelli, Giulia debuts on Mediaset Play at the helm of Salemi lounge, a new all-female format created by the hostess who is enjoying incredible success. Despite his many commitments, however, he never stops following the events of his mother Fariba Tehrani, currently in Honduras as a shipwrecked de The Island of the Famous.

From the experience in the Casa del Big Brother Vip, to the love affair with Pierpaolo , which despite the criticisms is proceeding at full speed, up to Salemi lounge. Here’s what he revealed to us exclusively Giulia Salemi.

Hi Giulia, everyone knows you for your following on social media and for your various television experiences. Experiences in which you have not been able to make yourself known thoroughly. Is this what prompted you to participate for the second time in Big Brother Vip?

It was a new challenge with myself and I love challenges! I had not lived the first GF Vip to the fullest, I did not take the “good” from experience let’s say. I had let myself be overwhelmed by so many anxieties and so many judgments and comments that did not allow me to live that important moment of my life and career serenely and with the spirit in which it should be lived. So when it was proposed to me last year, I believed it was the right time to get back into the game because I feel more mature than before. I had promised myself to make this trip alone, relying only on myself and instead I was definitely overwhelmed by events, one in particular called Pierpaolo and today I am happy not to have kept to that promise I had made.

What experience was it? Do you have any regrets?

It was an experience that I lived 100%, with the awareness that I wanted to face it in a completely different way from the previous edition. Living 100%, however, also means dealing with negative aspects, such as quarrels, misunderstandings and I cannot say that I was exempt from them. I have no regrets, I have always followed my heart, maybe at some point I was not lucid and the nerves took over. With hindsight I would have avoided some outbursts, preferring a more calm dialogue. But in general I am happy to have been first of all faithful to my way of being even in real life.

Your path was embellished by the presence of Pierpaolo. The first effusions among you made millions of Italians dream. What were your emotions and impressions after your first kiss? And what does he represent for you today?

I felt strange, I was struggling with a feeling that I could not decipher. I did not accept the idea of ​​falling in love again and moreover in the spotlight. I wanted to play for myself. When we kissed that December 6th we knew something big was going on. Pierpaolo is exactly the person I have always dreamed of having by my side. We support each other, we have the same principles and values, and we are each other’s biggest fan. And then we laugh, we laugh a lot. Pier is sweet, he dedicates the songs to me from the morning when we get up in the evening when we go to sleep. We have our soundtracks from Cesare Cremonini’s “The new star of Broadway”, to the songs of Achille Lauro and this makes me both excited and entertained. I don’t like planning, also because I’m superstitious. For the moment we live in Milan and he in Rome, we always manage to find time for ourselves by perfectly fitting the thousands of commitments of both of us.

In addition to love, in the House of the GF VIP you have found a great ally in Dayane Mello …

I believe in friendship and girl power! I have known Dayane for a long time, but the House has given us the opportunity to deepen our knowledge. There were moments of discussion and several misunderstandings which, as it turned out, did not make me feel good, but then after the terrible bereavement she had I promised her that I would always be there for her and she did the same with me. . I hear her almost daily and she was also my first guest at Salotto Salemi, my new program on Mediaset Play. I have certainly found a person to whom I feel strongly connected.

With Tommaso Zorzi, however, it has always been “love and hate”. What relationship binds you today?

With Tommaso we are trying to clarify, little by little, taking the necessary time. I understood where I went wrong with him, but I love him so much that when he invited me to the first episode of his show I went there without thinking! I am very happy for all the success it is having, I think it is absolutely deserved and it is certainly leading the way for all young people who want to convert social experiences into television.

After the GF, Salotto Salemi arrived. How was this project born?

Salotto Salemi was born from an idea of ​​mine during the lockdown, when we influencers felt the need to keep our fans company with content that could entertain them and bring a few smiles at a critical moment. I am happy because after leaving the Casa del GF with my team we immediately set to work to transform it into a format for the Mediaset streaming platform. Thanks also to the sponsors and the publisher, in fact today I can say that this is my first program as a presenter, a dream that slowly comes true. There are 6 weekly appointments, on Fridays at 19.00 with 6 wonderful women chosen by me that I interview during a make-up session. I combine make-up and stories, chatter and reflections, my passions. I can say that at 28 I found my happiness. I made my debut as a presenter, I have a special man next to me who makes me feel loved, I finally have a wonderful relationship with my father and my mother. I can say that the puzzle is coming together slowly and the image is really beautiful. Now I look to the future with ambition and curiosity.

And while you are at the helm of your new TV show, Mum Fariba is at the Island of the Famous. What do you think of his path? Are you following her?

Sure, I stay up late to follow mom to the island. His determination and willpower are a source of pride for me. I have seen a lot of bad things, I have often seen her alienated from a group that has never cared to go deep to discover her and hear her story. My mom also has her flaws, but in front of the free attacks that we have all seen I certainly could not remain silent. Luckily the public is understanding it and this makes me happy and proud. I am always on his side, I hope that the other castaways can appreciate his generosity more.

What do you wish for?

To be happy, to laugh a lot, a united family, to be able to do my dream job and to be able to fly high, always!

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