Healed? One dose is enough – RSI Swiss radio and television

Healed? One dose is enough – RSI Swiss radio and television
Healed? One dose is enough – RSI Swiss radio and television

People who have already contracted Covid-19, according to the FOPH, can be considered as fully vaccinated after just one dose of the vaccine. You will be able to choose whether to be satisfied with an administration, but for this you will have to prove that you have been positive, announces the Ticino Department of Health and Social Affairs.

Twenty-eight tons of medical material promised by France arrived in India, the country most affected by the pandemic in this phase and which in 24 hours has again registered over 300,000 infections in one day and 3,417 deaths. The overall toll in the populous Asian state exceeds 218,000 deaths, hospitals are unable to cope with the emergency and about forty countries have already promised or sent help. In particular, there is a lack of oxygen for the most seriously ill. New Delhi announced on Saturday that it had opened vaccination to all 600 million adults in the country, but states like Maharashtra have already announced that they are short on doses. Fearing the economic repercussions, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains reluctant, however, to follow the path of confinement at the national level.

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In Switzerland, 3’978 infections were recorded in 72 hours, a figure down from 5’313 at the weekend a week ago. There are 16 new deaths, 119 hospitalizations. In Ticino there are 19 new infections, another 2 people have died for a total of 991 since the beginning of the pandemic. The Grisons detected 21 new infections in 24 hours, while the number of deaths remains unchanged at 185.

Stefano Pongan, Joe Pieracci, Elena Boromeo


Healed dose RSI Swiss radio television

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