crash problems are caused by the console, says Housemarque –

crash problems are caused by the console, says Housemarque –
crash problems are caused by the console, says Housemarque –

Returnal seems to run into some crash problems during its use: it is not a standard situation and many users do not detect it, but there are also many reports of players who have encountered various crashes in using the game, therefore Housemarque replied to these stating that such bug is related to console and it should be fixed by Sony.

“This is a problem tied to the platform, we reported the reports to Sony, “a spokesperson for Housemarque on the game’s official Discord channel. “Specifically, it seems to have to do with the pre-start system“, the team reported again regarding the matter in question.

The thing is quite interesting, also because there is no precise information on what this pre-start system is, which introduces further questions. It is likely that it is a software feature of PS5 that prepares the game before it even starts, in order to further compress the loading times, but at the moment there is no more precise information.

Returnal is the new Housemarque exclusive for PS5

It could, however, also be the cause of the other crashes that various users have also detected on other PS5 games, therefore it is possible that in the next system updates of the Sony console it will introduce a solution to eliminate or limit these drawbacks, which were previously reported also on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, to give an example.

It should also be noted that in the Returnal Discord channel several other points brought to the attention of the developers by users are examined, based on the feedback: some bugs related to the interaction with the fabricators, problems with audio and with the remap of the controls. Also arouses curiosity is the fact that the question of the “problem” of the bailouts is reiterated again, so to speak, or the absence of these during the gameplay loops.

“The development team is aware of the problem, there is no need to bring it back to our attention”, we read on Discord, which seems to demonstrate the amount of requests received in this respect from users. The absence of a frequent save system is an integral part of the game, but Housemarque has made it known to “listen to the community” on this aspect and it is not excluded that he decides to enter option at a later time, however, loosening the level of challenge of the game perhaps with a special option.

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