Raped 7 times, they called me a bitch

Raped 7 times, they called me a bitch
Raped 7 times, they called me a bitch

“They made me drink vodka, grabbing me by the neck. Then they took me to bed and raped me. They held me still on a bed and penetrated me in turn, saying to each other, now it’s my turn, six or seven times”, is the dramatic story of the young student 19-year-old victim of the alleged sexual abuse occurred in a villa in Cala di Volpe, Sardinia, in July 2019 and of which they are accused Ciro Grillo, the son of Beppe Grillo, and his 3 friends: Edoardo Capitta, Francesco Corsiglia and Vittorio Lauria. It all started with the meeting between the girl and the group of young people during an evening in the Billionaire nightclub where the 19-year-old had gone with a classmate.

The first violence on the 19 year old

According to the reconstruction provided to the carabinieri by the victim, when leaving the place, at 5 am on July 17, there were no taxis and so the two young women accepted the invitation of the boys to stop and sleep at their home. Here, according to the minutes of the declarations issued by the young Milanese and published in the newspaper “La Verità”, the group sexual violence. After a dinner together and the first refused advances, the nightmare night would begin for the girl. The first sexual intercourse would have taken place with Corsiglia once in bed. “He grabbed me by the hair pointing my head towards his penis, telling me bitch open your mouth and asking me to give him oral sex. Initially I resisted but he continued to rape me. I was wriggling because I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t fight it. completely because I didn’t feel well “is the terrible story of the young woman. The violence would then also continue in the bathroom, under the shower: “ He was holding my neck with his hand, keeping me locked from behind and penetrated me. Twice I told him to stop, that he was an animal, an asshole, but he continued harder, pulling my hair and kissing me on the neck. “

The tearful victim convinced to stay

After the violence suffered, the girl in tears she would have turned to her friend who was sleeping on the sofa in the living room to invite her to leave, explaining the situation. This, however, did not go along with her: “I told her ‘they raped me’. Initially she did not understand and I repeated it to her, then I asked her if we could go home. She sat on the sofa and shrugged me “. At this point the intervention of the other boys who would have convinced her to desist from leaving and then they would have raped the young woman in turn.

Group violence

“At that point another of the boys intervened, Vittorio Lauria, who even though I told him that a friend of theirs had raped me and that they had not intervened, began to try. Then around 9 in the morning they made me drink vodka, grabbing my neck, I felt my head spinning after drinking, I don’t remember well they took me to the marriage bed and raped me “ the girl said. At this point the group violence. Partly documented by the videos shot with mobile phones by the alleged rapists. Terrible the sequence told by the victim: “I felt that they called each other by name and said to each other ‘now it’s my turn, from the displaced’ and I felt that they were taking over. One pulled my hair and pulled me slaps on the buttocks and back. My head was spinning and I kept falling forward. I saw black, from that moment I don’t remember anything, I lost consciousness. “The girl woke up only in the afternoon, naked and wrapped in a blanket, still stunned, she decided to tell everything to her mother only after a week.

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