the phone call, Rai, the speech-

the phone call, Rai, the speech-
the phone call, Rai, the speech-

Someone passed the text of the speech by Fedez to the League on the eve of the Concertone? Or was it the members of the League who urged preventive censorship actions on the artist? These are two of the questions around which the story of the pressure suffered by the rapper at the May Day concert of the unions revolves. A story that goes well beyond the episode itself that reopened the political debate on the governance of Rai, up to the proposal of the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta: Out of the parliamentarians from the board of public TV.

Here is the reconstruction of what happened.

The speech

The two promoters try to explain to the artist why the intervention – whose text was sent in the previous days by Fedez himself to the organizers – should be softened in some way and highlight the need to adapt to the system. The artist warms up and protests for what he calls censorship. Rai has absolutely no censorship to do Ilaria Capitani intervenes at minute 6 35, Rai makes a purchase of rights and filming, therefore Rai is not responsible for its presence, God forbid, or for what you say and more Rai does not have any censorship, after which I consider the context inappropriate. Fedez insists with the organizers asking to be able to say on stage what I think is appropriate. If you express a concept and name names without the counterpart being present or being able to reply not editorially appropriate. The call lasts almost 12 minutes.

The interview with Landini

In the night between Friday and Saturday, the newspaper reports The Republic, Fedez calls Maurizio Landini, secretary of the CGIL, to find out if it is true that the unions are against political interventions from the stage and that there is a rule to that effect. The leader of the CGIL replies that there is no rule or veto and essentially, according to the reconstruction of the phone call, leave your hand free to the artist.

Salvini’s post

It is five and eighteen on Saturday afternoon, when the leader of the League on Twitter launches the preventive attack: The “big concert” costs about 500,000 euros to Italians, to all Italians, so the “left” rallies would be out of place. # 1May concertone. And in the attached video he adds: I am curious to see if tonight at the concert of May 1st organized by Cgil, Cisl and Uil, which also costs about half a million euros to Italian citizens through Rai, there will be some “leftist” artists who will the usual “left-wing” rally, disrespecting those who pay the fee and to workers who have no political color. Salvini therefore does not mention Fedez, but given the controversies of the previous days, the reference seems clear. And the artist, probably feeling called into question, always replies via social media: I go to the concert for free and pay my musicians who have not worked for a year and on stage I would like to express myself as a free man without the artists having to send their speeches for prior approval from you politicians. His party cost us 49 million euros. In the meantime, dozens of comments from people close to the League are running on the network, predicting Fedez’s attack from the stage a few hours later, as if they were already aware of the text of the speech that the rapper sent to the organizers and at the center of the animated phone call of the previous evening.

The intervention on stage

Saturday evening the artist takes the microphone and reports that he has suffered the attempt of censorship by Rai and then launches into the monologue in which, among the various themes, he also addresses the issue of civil rights and the Zan bill against homotransomophobia, attacking the League. Shortly after a note from Rai denies the attempted censorship. And at that point, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, Fedez publishes a video on social media showing some extracts from the phone call to demonstrate that he has been pressured by attributing them to Rai, even if in reality listening to the interview in full shows that requests to modify the intervention come only from the two iCompany representatives and not by Ilaria Capitani.

The Fedez-Rai case: for further information

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