Caorle, unemployed dad steals offerings in church: the parish priest finds him a job

03 May 2021 10:58

The young father, 23, was first arrested after 14 thefts in recent months. But then the carabinieri with Don Danilo Barlese helped him by finding him a job as a waiter

It was precisely the municipality that supported the carabinieri, social services and don Danilo Barlese to find a job at the 23-year-old. The local newspapers report it. The young father of the family had “attacked” the boxes of offerings in the historic sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo, in the Cathedral and in the church of Santo Stefano, for a total of about a thousand euros.

The carabinieri viewing the videos of the surveillance system of the three places of worship, they discovered that it was always the same person who stole, so they traced his identity. The man was blocked at the exit of a church with about 100 euros and the equipment for the theft: a double-sided tape that had been inserted into the slots of the boxes to remove the banknotes.

Immediately arrested for aggravated theft, the 23-year-old cited the need to support his family as a reason for the thefts and was helped.


Caorle unemployed dad steals offerings church parish priest finds job

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