GTA 6 still a long way off? New release period according to an insider –

GTA 6 still a long way off? New release period according to an insider –
GTA 6 still a long way off? New release period according to an insider –

GTA 6 will be waiting a long time, with a exit period Rather far based on other rumors that emerged in the past few hours from sources considered rather “reliable”, even if usually linked to areas other than video games.

The tweet of ViewerAnon, reported below, goes in response to a recent rumor that he wanted GTA 6 closer than expected, essentially arguing the opposite: “We should define what is meant by presto, companies test games for years“, said the insider who has a good curriculum but above all as regards the scoop in the cinema field.

“Last year Rockstar had an internal GTA 6 forecast for a release in late 2023“, he added, thus giving the information of weight. The tweet comes in response to rumors that they wanted GTA 6 closer than expected as Rockstar Games has posted several tester job advertisements to apply to new projects.

ViewerAnon’s claim is acceptable, as it is true that the test phase it can go on for a long time, and linking the announcement for new testers to a completed development phase is at least optimistic. However, it is always information without any official foundation, which however in this case we report for the visibility reached by the Twitter user in question as a rather reliable source in the cinema field, which could still signal links in different sectors of the industry. entertainment.

What emerges from this rumor is that GTA 6 would therefore be expected for late 2023, or a ‘still very long wait and an interval of even 10 years from the previous chapter. It is true that GTA 5 is still selling well and is preparing to also land on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S for its second generation leap, but it is still hoped that the new chapter may arrive a little sooner than reported.


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