«Turn down, but don’t let your guard down. Appeal to 60-year-olds, …

«Turn down, but don’t let your guard down. Appeal to 60-year-olds, …
«Turn down, but don’t let your guard down. Appeal to 60-year-olds, …

Live from the Marghera civil protection center, the president of the Region Luca Zaia illustrated, as usual, the latest infectious bulletin and the progress of the vaccination campaign. Zaia explained that infections are decreasing and so is the hospitalization curve, a decrease, however, that is not too evident, so, according to the president, we must be on guard.

The vaccination campaign is also proceeding e Zaia appeals to the 60-year-old class to book, if the membership is not high, we will proceed to open the reservations in advance on the 50-59 class. Tomorrow Zaia will report to the regional commission on the tampons case raised by the last episode of Report and reiterates that he has never opposed a commission of inquiry.

The details of the live:


«There are 364 positive people in the last 24 hours, equal to 3.82% of the swabs performed. Today there are 21,923 positives and 1,391 hospitalized (-1 in non-critical area and +1 in intensive care). There are 4 dead, 11,369 since the beginning of the pandemic “


“The infection curve has been decreasing for days, but not in such an important way, especially in ICUs, The ICU curve decreases but for now there is no stalemate in the projections, but sudden changes in the curve contagions are a constant of Covid, so we must be careful. The good season, the experts tell us, should help us, but it is not the safe conduct to no longer wear the mask or sanitize your hands or above all to gather together ».


“We have done 37 thousand vaccines in the last 24 hours, well above the target, by far the best in Italy. We have reached 1 million 750 thousand doses administered since the start of the vaccination campaign. The warehouse today is 275 thousand doses, we can reach up to 50 thousand doses per day, this week we are draining stocks. We will have to set aside some doses for Astrazeneca for the recalls. I appeal to the 60-69 category to book, the seats are there. If we do not reach 40-45 thousand doses per day with this category we should open to 50 year olds who could leave before the end of May. The over 80 category is 95% covered, the 70-79 category 72.4% while 30% of the 60-69, disabled 67 and vulnerable 58% “


‘Commission of inquiry on tampons? We never refused, it was the least I expected. There is also the one on retirement homes which is still a dead letter, they could be joined. The important thing, however, is to close the commissions and send the report to the judicial authorities “

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