Inter, Marotta: ‘Count? I hope you stay. Looking for a partner, there is trust. Scudetto with Juve? Less difficulty ‘| First page

Inter, Marotta: ‘Count? I hope you stay. Looking for a partner, there is trust. Scudetto with Juve? Less difficulty ‘| First page
Inter, Marotta: ‘Count? I hope you stay. Looking for a partner, there is trust. Scudetto with Juve? Less difficulty ‘| First page

Beppe Marotta, managing director ofInter, speaks to Radio Anch’io Lo Sport, commenting on the championship victory as follows: “A great satisfaction for a historic company. As with all victories there is a great effort, a great work culture. Growth has been constant since last season, we have reached a point from Juventus and in the final of the Europa League. This year Conte was able to definitively inculcate those winning principles that are the basis of success.

ON COUNT – “By now I have many years of experience in this sector, I have had many coaches. A winner always has some angular aspects in his DNA, but to be successful you have to be like this. Conte is this, he is a winner and this year we have not had no problem. He is a transparent person, he always says what he thinks and it is a positive characteristic “.

THE FUTURE – “We know that we are in a very difficult moment, there is a contraction in revenues and this affects the big clubs. The power on the market will be reduced. We will have to make comparisons, in ours and in other clubs. final balance at the end of the season, on the other hand we need to think about certain costs and uncertain revenues. The picture is this, we will listen to Conte and the guidelines of the owners, but there is a fair and healthy optimism. I do not want to anticipate the guidelines of the company because I don’t know them. The moment is special, the big clubs are in financial difficulty. The model is not adaptable to the situation, we have to find a new one. However, there are also other organizational situations that play an equally important role and we have these characteristics. ” .

THE NEW MEMBER – “The owners are working for the good of Inter. The goal is to reach an agreement with a partner to bring together the liquidity needed at this time. There is great optimism but we cannot forget that the property has lavished around 700 million in recent years. They deserve great respect from this point of view. Then the difficulties that large companies have leads to considerations that are somewhat different from the recent past, which was more positive “.

MORE ABOUT COUNT – “The team is in the image and likeness of the coach. Each coach shapes the team according to his own philosophy, which is a winning philosophy. You cannot improve the team’s value from ball possession. The team has shown that it deserves the role. The statistics show that we are at 82 points and last year Juventus had 80 at this point. The roadmap is extraordinary regardless of the opponents. We could reach 94 points. ”

THE JUVE – “When you win a Scudetto the taste is beautiful. At Juventus there were fewer difficulties after the first one, an imprint had been given, a property that had been present for decades. Here there was a certain instability, the goal was precisely to create stability . Together with Conte we have created a well-defined sports area and this brings an extra value “.

HANDANOVIC – “The schedule always includes targeted interventions in the team. Handanovic is our goalkeeper and captain, but we must also look to the future of Inter in all areas of the team.”

THE SUPERLEGA – “The Superlega was born from the apprehension of the owners because the current model is not sustainable. We all remember the great patrons who pulled a line and covered the deficit. This kick goes towards a different business model. Only in Milan there are two properties The Super League was born more out of a concern given the current system. It was born with slightly wrong methods and times, but lessons must be learned from all things. The teaching is that football must be remodeled, otherwise we go in default “.

THE FUTURE OF CONTE – “Plan B is not there, there is Plan A because I very much hope that Conte can continue the cycle with us. There is a great feeling between him, the club, the team and the fans. They are important ingredients to grow and take away from us. satisfactions “.

THE SECOND STAR – “Surely the second star is fascinating. It remains fixed on the shirt. Being protagonists of that moment would be the best for everyone. It falls within the sphere of charm and romance that I have. Clearly the Champions is the trophy that clubs in Italy would like Today there is a huge competition, it is no coincidence that the four semi-finalists of this season are among the top six in terms of turnover. Economic power is not everything but you need to have the ability to exploit resources and create a competitive team “.

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