“Closed rooms and unlimited gatherings” – Corriere.it

“Closed rooms and unlimited gatherings” – Corriere.it
“Closed rooms and unlimited gatherings” – Corriere.it

Within an hour the fans in Piazza Duomo from twenty became 200, and then two thousand, and then many more. And it became inevitable ask yourself why, if bars and restaurants have to work crippled by restrictions, a square and other parts of the city can be filled for a championship. «The joy of the Inter fans is more than understandable, I say this as a fan, albeit from another team. But I wonder why in Milan, in Darsena or in Brera, it is necessary to cordon off the streets to avoid crowds and convey the flows of people e in Piazza del Duomo, thousands can pour out in an uncontrolled way ».

He says it, via social media, Marco Barbieri, general secretary of Confcommercio Milan, commenting on the gatherings for the Inter Scudetto. But if they ask, and not too quietly managers of bars and restaurants, even the Inter fans, not at all blinded by the football faith. That they closed their first week in reinforced yellow yesterday. Which translated for insiders like bars and restaurants means power set only outdoors. With the worst weather in recent weeks to rain on the wet of receipts that already tell of them a half restart.

«I don’t want to judge which of the two choices is more correct to contain the infections – adds Barbieri – but I am amazed to see how different weights and measures are used in a common emergency situation. Bars and restaurants cannot open their premises, while guaranteeing spacing and sanitation, but they are only allowed to use the outdoor space. Parks and squares, on the other hand, can fill up uncontrollably and without any health precautions“. “Spring has arrived, the sun warms the days but if there are rules they must be respected and enforced”, concludes Barbieri.

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Closed rooms unlimited gatherings Corriereit

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