Giorgio Galanti, the sports doctor, sentenced to one year –

Giorgio Galanti, the sports doctor, sentenced to one year –
Giorgio Galanti, the sports doctor, sentenced to one year –

Davide Astori he could probably be saved. The death of the Fiorentina captain found lifeless on 4 March 2018 in a hotel in Udine where he was in retirement of the team before the match against Udinese, now has a culprit. After three years of investigation, Professor Giorgio Galanti, former sports consultant of the Viola club and former director of the Sports Medicine Center of the University of Careggi, was sentenced to one year in prison in addition to having to pay one million euros in provisional payments in favor of the former partner of the football player Francesca Fioretti and daughter Vittoria. At the end of the indictment, the prosecutor, Antonino Nastasi, had asked for a sentence of 1 and a half years. Francesca Fioretti was also present at the reading of the sentence.

According to the prosecutor of Florence, Astori would have died due to the failure to diagnose a pathology, the ventricular arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (the same that killed the Livorno footballer Piermario Morosini), such as to prevent him from becoming a footballer. The prosecutor Antonino Nastasi had hypothesized the violation of cardiological protocols for the judgment of suitability for competitive sport. According to a technical consultancy carried out by experts appointed by the prosecutor, the certificates of suitability were issued despite the emergence, in the respective stress tests, of cardiac arrhythmias that should have induced doctors to carry out more in-depth diagnostic tests in order to exclude an organic heart disease or a arrhythmogenic syndrome.

Davide Astori 1987 – 2018

So if the pathology had been diagnosed in time, Astori could have been saved. The thesis of the defense, supported bylawyer Siegfried Fenyes, who has always denied any wrongdoing by the doctor, specifying the correct behavior of Professor Galanti in the expert’s report. I am amazed, we await the reasons and then we will challenge the sentence, commented the lawyer Fenyes as soon as the sentence came out. In my opinion, Galanti’s responsibility did not emerge from the trial papers – continued Fenyes – and neither did the results of the appraisal. The procedural story of the case therefore continues to be long.

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