the truth about Gianmarco and Marini, then the lunge on d’Urso

the truth about Gianmarco and Marini, then the lunge on d’Urso
the truth about Gianmarco and Marini, then the lunge on d’Urso


The former Bolognese tronista denies the kiss between his brother and the showgirl, not giving up on critical utterances towards the ‘d’ursiani’ salons

Published on May 2, 2021

For days there has been talk of an alleged kiss and an alleged liaison between Gianmarco Onestini, 24 years old, and Valeria Marini, 53. The two are currently engaged a Survivors, the Spanish version of the Island of the Famous. In the reality show it seemed that there were some effusions, even if things would be in another way. Luca Onestini, brother of Gianmarco. The Bolognese is known both on TV, on radio and on social media, having participated in several small screen programs, having conducted some radio broadcasts and being very popular on Instagram.

Absolutely not. There would be nothing wrong, they would not be the first or the last with a huge age difference, but it is something that absolutely did not happen. Among other things, Gianmarco has never been attracted to older people so I think it is practically impossible that something can happen in the future too “. Thus Luca Onestini, through his social profiles, on the gossip that his brother and Valeria Marini would have wanted close and intimate in the Iberian reality show. The former tronista also took the opportunity to launch a vitriolic dig at Afternoon Five, talk helmed by Barbara d’Urso and aired daily on the Mediaset flagship network.

Last Friday, in the living room of Canale Cinque, during the page reserved for TV and gossip, we talked about Gianmarco and Valeria, assuming that there had been a kiss between them and that there was in progress, if not a love story, at least a flirt. Question that made Luca turn up his nose not a little, who thundered about the program.

Luca Onestini “perplexed” about the work of Barbara d’Urso’s Afternoon Five: the lunge

The Bolognese said he stayed “Perplexed” for how the news was reported by the ‘d’ursiano’ show (To be fair, Onestini did not explicitly mention Afternoon Five. However, it is clear that he referred to that living room). In this case, no reason has been given as to why one “Fake news” reached a “TV show” broadcast on a national network. “Those who work there should check that the news is true or not. Also because you think the opinion leaders in the studio are paid to give their opinions on facts that do not exist “, he concluded. In short, without turning too much around, Luca made insinuations about the work of the transmission. And consequently also on the decisions of d’Urso.

The story, for those who know that between Luca and Barbarella there is no idyllic relationship, to put it mildly, is not too surprising. Damn old rusts!

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