let’s have a coffee to “talk about freedom and rights” – Corriere.it

let’s have a coffee to “talk about freedom and rights” – Corriere.it
let’s have a coffee to “talk about freedom and rights” – Corriere.it

ROME – Some leaguers speak of a trap that could not be avoided. Matteo Salvini try to tone it down. But there is little to do: to the disruptive media force of Fedez, on Saturday evening for the concert on May 1st, that of Barbara D’Urso yesterday afternoon. And the League’s Sunday turns into a day of passion.

To worry the Salvinians above all the very negative feedback that comes from social media on the matter: the approximately 30 thousand comments on his Saturday evening post are incandescent, the supporters seem to be in trouble and the age of the Matteo goes on so it seems distant. Result: the Northern League secretary tries to lower the tone, invites Fedez for a coffee where to talk about freedom and rights and on Facebook he writes: No quarrels, I leave those to the Democratic Party, only proposals and solutions from us.

The reference to the branded cap worn the other night by the rapper, still present on his Instagram page (In the face of the ban on advertising in Rai) from the Facebook page, disappears.

In the party, however, a conviction has matured that Salvini with his family the other night says this: On Rai something needs to be done, now we are: we can not continue to act as a punching bag. The problem is that the center-right of the government on the Rai issue will hardly be able to fully rely on the opposition center-right: especially when some of the seats that would be the prerogative of the opposition (from the Rai Supervisory Authority to Copasir) remain firmly in the hands of the majority. Not that this leads the Northern League leader to consider Giuseppe Conte’s proposal to take advantage of the government with a large majority to converge on a reform project. Salvini, with his family, commented coldly: Conte was premier twice. As if to say he could think about it then.

The Fedez-Rai case: for further information

In public, the Northern League secretary merely observes that even Saturday the damage to the left-wing subdivision was evident. The next CEO is internal and deserving, without important cards, kinships or friendships and left-wing sponsors. Fedez and Rai 3, all internal controversy on the left. Left artist, left censors. Long live music and freedom. We wait for someone to pay and resign.

But yesterday the problem was not Rai. Salvini connects with Barbara D’Urso from Castel Gandolfo, on the shores of Lake Albano. He complains of having been led into controversies that have nothing to do with female workers, but the presenter on the subject does not discount. And he starts the video with Fedez citing the thrilling phrases about gays uttered by some Northern League exponents. He doesn’t shy away: The phrases I’ve heard are disgusting. But D’Urso presses: The aggravating circumstance for just discrimination. If they attack me in a parking lot, whoever does it only attacks me. If they attack me as a homosexual, you do not just attack me, but the whole category. Salvini tries to dribble: I add that I am against the rented uterus and the parent 1 and 2. Nothing to do, the presenter tows him: But this has nothing to do with the Zan bill. Salvini staggers a little: I’m telling you: tomorrow I am voting for a law that will increase penalties for those who discriminate on the basis of nationality, sexual orientation, disability. But as far as I’m concerned, homosexual adoptions are not on the agenda.

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lets coffee talk freedom rights Corriereit

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