Covid: from hanging baskets to artistic incursions in Milan – Lombardy

Mini festival organized from below in the courtyards of the suburbs

(ANSA) – MILAN, 03 MAY – Bubbles for children and Indian dance, the parade on stilts and Afro-Brazilian percussion: not even the uncertain forecasts before and the rain then stopped the ‘artistic incursions’ which, in the weekend between April 30 and yesterday, they invaded the districts of Dergano and Bovisa, where at the beginning of the year the popular art festival organized from below was born, which in the second edition expanded to the neighboring areas of Maciachini, Bruzzano and Parco Nord.
“To try to overcome the isolation and immobility in which the sector has been in for some time, but also to reinforce the sense of community through creativity and beauty, during the Carnival period – say the organizers, residing in the northern suburbs of Milan – a group of inhabitants of the two districts organized short shows and impromptu performances in the courtyards of the condominiums and in the public spaces of the city, for the benefit of all “.
The experiment – made up of short performances in the courtyards of condominiums and in open spaces where you can keep your distance – went so well that it was decided to replicate it both “to give beauty” and “to support the artists who have stopped for more than one year”.
The festival was born from the same people who, during the first lockdown, gave birth to the phenomenon – then replicated in other cities – of solidarity baskets. If those contained food, “with the Artistic Incursions we intend to offer our neighborhoods small baskets of culture and beauty, food equally important for the soul and the mind”. “Organizing these Artistic Incursions is for us – the organizers explain – a claim and a symbolic gesture of care for the community in which we live”. Care that was found in the organization, with very precise limits to respect the anti-contagion rules: for each show, only 4 families, positioned at a minimum distance of 2 meters.
No advertising, so as not to run the risk of crowds, and a booking mechanism that has kept security and live entertainment together. (HANDLE).


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Covid hanging baskets artistic incursions Milan Lombardy

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