Syracuse, positive for covid but goes to her mother, doctor and holiday home: reported

The Carabinieri of the Syracuse Station reported in a state of freedom DM, an uncensored Syracusan class ’79, having discovered that the same, despite suffering from Covid-19 and subjected to fiduciary isolation in her home, had violated the health provision several times to carry out as if nothing were his ordinary occupations.

The woman had in fact gone to visit her mother, to have a medical examination and had even taken up residence in an accommodation facility (a holiday home). No hesitation in the conduct of the woman, who provided false declarations every time she had to fill out the required self-certifications, such as patient files, when she underwent a medical examination, and the one to stay as a guest of hotels, in which she declared general false hoping to evade the checks knowing that they are on the list of positive subjects at Covid.

The Carabinieri, however, checking the various self-certifications produced, found some inconsistencies between the dates of birth that the aforementioned had inserted in various statements, finally discovering that she was a patient affected by Covid.

After the report of the woman to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Syracuse for the crimes of false attestations or declarations made and for the spread of an infectious disease of the man, the sorting and subsequent quarantine provision for all persons entered, despite themselves , in contact with the positive patient, including family members, medical staff and staff of the hotel where she was staying, who in the next few days will be subjected to a swab to check if the irresponsible conduct of the woman has had further negative consequences.

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