I no longer wonder if I want to be a mom. Tears for Emma Marrone

Alessandra Amoroso was a great protagonist a Sunday In in the episode of May 2, between musical moments and a long interview in which there was no lack of questions about private life. With her usual candor, Mara Venier posed the classic question about love and motherhood when the singer talked about the beautiful relationship with her granddaughter Andrea, without knowing that the relationship between Amoroso and the historical boyfriend Stefano Settepani ended for over a year.

I don’t know how to define this disproportionate love for Andrea. My sister can scold her for being a mother, I just have to cuddle her. What if it means that I want to become a mother? I used to ask myself, to date I don’t ask myself anymore. Right now I don’t have a boyfriend anymore. We got to a point where love is gone. We told each other and that’s okay. I’m single. I’m very comfortable with myself. I want to find my balance, when one finds it he is ready to be two.

The memory of Amici and the words on Maria De Filippi

The singer recalled the beginnings to Amici, the talent who launched her career thanks to the victory in the eighth edition. Beautiful words for Maria De Filippi, who supported her at the time of the program: “Maria De Filippi for me has always been a very tender mother, she understood me, she listened to me. You know, I had a lot of low moments in Amici, I come from a small company and being put in a box where everyone had the power to criticize you was complicated. It was also difficult because we were all together in a forced coexistence“. Very close to her family and her Lecce, where she returns as soon as she can, she has suffered a lot in recent months that she has had to go away from home, without being able to leave Rome.

The tears for Emma Marrone and support for the Zan bill

Amoroso did not miss words to honey also for her friend and colleague Emma Marrone, with which he has just made the single Piece of Heart. Past rumors of an alleged rivalry are a distant memory, because the two are really united: “I love you, Emma! I am very attached to her, I like to share free time with her, ideas about work, our aperitifs. Union between women is very important. With her I feel family, for me she is dialect, she is home“The singer was even moved when she received a video message from Emma herself, who called her a sister. tears, Amoroso admitted how the relationship with Marrone is very strong: “We are so similar and so different, we complement each other“. To close, the Apulian artist wanted to launch an appeal for the approval of the Zan bill, which aims to protect homosexuals, women and disabled people from” hate crimes “:

I ask to approve the Zan law which protects all people’s rights. Discrimination cannot exist, we all have the same rights, we must respect each other and above all we must all be alive and then all have a nice smile. There is a need for a lot of love.

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