Fonseca exonerates, Roma has lost patience: the decision

Exemption from Fonseca, now in the capital the end of the championship is awaited without any hope. After the beautiful European path, which almost ended with a sensational fool, the Giallorossi have nothing more to ask from their disappointing season.

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Yesterday, Sunday 3 May, yet another setback arrived. This time matured by the Sampdoria. The Roma seems to be lost. If the previous defeats had been justified with the alibi of the “distraction” linked toEuropa League, now the fans no longer accept excuses.

The situation has become difficult, especially if you look at the ranking. Dzeko and his companions appear in seventh place and see a Sassuolo only 2 points away, ready to overtake. A finish in eighth position would be a very bitter icing on a cake with a taste of disappointment and regret.

At the end of the year the balance sheets will be drawn up and we will try to understand how to intervene to improve the team and above all shape it where it is most necessary. Surely many players will change but the first head to jump will certainly be Paulo’s Fonseca.

The Portuguese would also have several alibis, which he never decided to use until after yesterday’s game, and he will certainly be the scapegoat of a situation where the culprits are numerous.

These are hours of profound reflection also on the part of the Friedkin, now ready to organize the tactical purge (and not only) to better face the future championship.

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I exempt Fonseca, the situation

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Roma haven’t won for some time, especially since the match against Bologna on 11 April. The distraction linked to the process in Europe led the Capitoline to leave numerous points on the road and also lose what had been one of the few positive aspects of this season: the ability to win all the clashes with the small ones.

Already between February and March the first alarm bells had arrived with the draw at Benevento and the defeat against Parma, followed by other chess suffered in the spring months.

Although there was talk of a exemption for Fonseca already after Manchester, it currently appears unlikely that the former Shakhtar will be replaced in these hours.

Despite the rumors of a possible exemption, supported by Francesco Balzani on “Leggo” and also by Corriere dello Sport on newsstands this morning, according to what was written by the journalist Roberto Maida on Twitter, Fonseca will regularly remain in his post until the end of the season. Then it will naturally be goodbye. This is the company’s decision.

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