“It wouldn’t have been a scandal”

“It wouldn’t have been a scandal”
“It wouldn’t have been a scandal”

Udinese Juve: the slow motion of the newspapers on the work of Chiffi, who directed the match of the 34th matchday of Serie A

Today’s edition of The Gazzetta dello Sport analyzed the slow motion episodes of the Udinese Juve match, thus judging the work of the referee Chiffi. Protests of the Friulians for the punishment which led to De Paul’s handball and the subsequent penalty for Juventus.

They get in touch Square e Stryger Larsen: the images show that the Colombian arrives first on the ball and the Dane touches it. If Chiffi had flown over, it would not have been a scandal, but if punishment was to be, it should have been for the you.


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