Napoli-Cagliari, goal canceled in Osimhen. The “sentence” of the Gazzetta

Great regrets at Napoli for the draw against Cagliari. Today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport analyzes the reasons.

Wasted opportunity for the Naples against Cagliari, today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport analyzes the following: “Napoli slips to fifth place because they are unable to close a match in control for a large part. Against this Cagliari in great shape, it is necessary to make throats lock the result, but the Azzurri – for their own faults and not only – are unable to double and Sardinians with a great final win a well-deserved draw, which for the first time allows Leonardo Semplici’s team to get out of the relegation zone “.

“And if the rossoblù deserve it, the mistakes of the referee Fabbri remain on the challenge who – in addition to not always punishing the hard game – cancels the 2-0 in Osimhen for an alleged push on Godin, already out of time and unbalanced on his own. intervention. That judgment weighs a lot, given that De Laurentiis’s club is playing a place in the Champions League and the economic differences are substantial. However the team must make mea culpa on how they managed the game and regain strength and concentration since it remains in any case master of his own destiny “, reports the newspaper.

The newspaper, entering more specifically, further analyzed the incriminated episode: “At 53 ‘Fabbri cancels the 2-0 goal in Osimhen for a push on Godin’s back which seems very slight. Var Mazzoleni cannot intervene because the extent of the contact is the referee’s” competence “.”


NapoliCagliari goal canceled Osimhen sentence Gazzetta

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