“Fedez? He’s wrong but I forgive him” – Time

“Fedez? He’s wrong but I forgive him” – Time
“Fedez? He’s wrong but I forgive him” – Time

Pietro De Leo

03 May 2021

It was the target of Fedez’s arrows from the stage of the May Day Concert. Andrea Ostellari, senator of the League, president of the Justice Commission of Palazzo Madama and speaker of the Zan Ddl, thinks about the “day after” on the phone with Il Tempo. “Fedez exploited but I forgive him – he says – evidently he doesn’t know things or they haven’t explained them to him. Whoever is suggesting him is doing it wrong ”.

What do you mean?
“Look, I am sorry when in topics like the subject of the Zan Ddl my figure comes into play, not knowing how things went. Perhaps it is more convenient to divide than to unite, but the facts must be told correctly. There was a technical problem on the presentation of the texts, including Zan’s proposal, and then the decision was made to send them to President Casellati who then decided on the assignment in the referent. This decision was taken unanimously by the Bureau of the Commission “.

They accuse her of wasting time.
“This took some time, but up to now I have applied the regulation, which is there to ensure the correct execution of a parliamentary procedure of a measure”.

Another accusation that they move is that of having appointed himself as rapporteur, perhaps with the intention of sabotaging the process of the law.
“I have not appointed myself rapporteur, but it is the regulation that establishes that the rapporteur of the measures is the president. Now I will open the discussion and then everyone will have their say, who agrees and who does not. There are hearings to be convened, amendments to be presented. These are the rules, then we will get to the bottom and see if the numbers are there or not, it works like this. And if someone is angry about this, then let’s ask ourselves the question: who is the real undemocrat? “.

According to what Fedez said, it seems that she is the antidemocrat.

“Ah yes, he accuses me, suggesting that I would be undemocratic, but perhaps he does not know that I was reconfirmed at the helm of the Commission after the expiry of the half term, despite the fact that the majority had changed since the first election. mine. Do you think it would have been possible if I had been as undemocratic as they say? I repeat: they didn’t explain things well to Fedez. “

Yes, but more or less he says the same about his opponents in Parliament. It almost seems like a side game between the entertainment world and the left, right?
“I really don’t know, you should ask Fedez about this. I’m interested in playing my role in the best possible way.”

After the attack from the concert, did you have repercussions on social media?
“I have had it all the time, ever since Fedez started this battle. I frankly do not respond to offenses, never done. But it seems paradoxical to me that those who profess to be tolerant and in favor of rights then attack me in a vehement and above all instrumental way”.

By now the clash over the Zan Ddl is very heated, and goes beyond the political dimension. How do you assess the climate that has been created around this provision?
“We are talking about fundamental rights, and therefore it is normal for the debate to be very heated. This, in itself, does not necessarily hurt. I claim one point: the seats for legislating are first the Commission and then the Chamber. part, the parliamentarians do theirs, whoever wants to comment is obviously free to do so. But no one pulls me by the jacket, nor who is in favor of the measure, nor who is against. What I did is all written on the documents, black on white and if someone had read them we would not be at this point. I will continue to play my role with independence and transparency “.

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