Corbo: “Gattuso screams too much. Napoli are convinced they have guessed a shot for the future”

Yesterday afternoon Napoli failed to beat Cagliari. Antonio Corbo on Repubblica analyzes the reasons for Italy’s failure.

The Naples did not go beyond the draw against Cagliari, Antonio Corbo in his editorial for Repubblica he commented on the outcome of the match: “Of this bizarre Sunday remains the memory of Gattuso’s piercing screams. In the end his voice becomes even more hoarse and desperate. He wants to remotely control Napoli moment by moment. But more than orders or advice he launches screams, the absence of the public and a distracted television direction unfortunately do not cover them. They are the soundtrack of an unfortunate draw that sends Napoli from third to fifth place. Such a heartfelt guide does not justify the confused tactical direction “.

Corbo continues: “Yesterday more than ever Gattuso lets himself first be overwhelmed by emotion. He cared and holds a lot to the Champions League. He made it a personal matter, the synthesis of his trip to Naples now at the end. The fever of the result leaves no room for reason when the football asks you for clear decisions: changes. A game as placid as fresh water from a lake has become a stormy sea. Too bad, because on Sunday it goes beyond fourth place and the 50 million Champions prize. Napoli are convinced that they have guessed a shot for his future. He is not a purchase like many others. In his anomalies as a brave, powerful and still a bit ungrammatical bomber, Osimhen it gives the team all the fury of the giant who knows how to dream and also to give. After thirteen minutes it is already on the net “.


Corbo Gattuso screams Napoli convinced guessed shot future

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