Resident Evil Village, players find out how to reset the demo timer

Resident Evil Village, players find out how to reset the demo timer
Resident Evil Village, players find out how to reset the demo timer

There are only five days left for the debut of Resident Evil Village and fans are fooling the wait for the final version with the final cross-platform demo it includes Village e Castello and allows you to explore each area for thirty minutes.

The latest episode of Capcom’s survival horror saga will not fail to surprise the public with the union of old and new atmospheres for what promises to be a truly charismatic chapter, with references to the past and an eye to the future.

We know that the Japanese software house, in order not to run the risk of giving birth to an old-gen version not up to the level of the counterpart for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, took the time necessary for the result to be satisfactory, considering the idea not to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

The development of the title with a gothic atmosphere capable of evoking Resident Evil 4 began in unsuspecting times: Capcom began to imagine Village about four years ago, while work on its predecessor was still in progress.

The anticipation for the new episode is palpable, and impatience has led some PC gamers to find a way to reset the demo timer and avoid incurring the total limit of 60 minutes (via VGC).

It was possible to circumvent the restriction thanks to the following procedure implemented on Steam:

  • Disable the Steam Cloud for the Resident Evil Village
  • Scaricare Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)
  • Delete local saves
  • Launch Steam SAM
  • Select the demo
  • Remove goals and stats
  • Confirm

Those interested in learning more can find further clarifications on the Steam forum.

With this method, PC users have managed to reset to zero the timer and play again, effectively breaking the limitations imposed by the developer.

This is not a respectful gesture towards Capcom, which in a recent press release had shown itself attentive to the requests of the community, increasing the availability of the demo version from 24 hours to a whole week.

It is not the first time that fans “play dirty” with Resident Evil Village. Only a few days ago the news of the breakup of day one arrived, which did not fail to arouse some concern in users, frightened by any spoilers.

We know that the game will have staggering loading times on PS5, especially when compared to the much longer (and not a little) ones of the older generation consoles.

If you are part of that slice of fans who cannot keep curiosity at bay by being patient for a few more days, we would like to point out that it is already possible to know the duration of the game thanks to a leak.

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