The phone call to Fedez after his text ended up in the hands of the League? The singer: “Shameful Rai, with full audio they shot themselves in the foot”

The phone call to Fedez after his text ended up in the hands of the League? The singer: “Shameful Rai, with full audio they shot themselves in the foot”
The phone call to Fedez after his text ended up in the hands of the League? The singer: “Shameful Rai, with full audio they shot themselves in the foot”

“Luckily I recorded the phone call and I didn’t think I had to go this far, but obviously there is no limit to shame.” The spotlight still remains on Fedez. Although about 40 artists performed on the 1st of May stage on Saturday, for 48 hours we have been talking only about him. The phone call to which he refers is the one that took place shortly before the performance with the artistic director of the Concertone, Massimo Bonelli and the deputy director of Raitre Ilaria Capitani. “They want to pass me off as a liar,” he says. “Not only is it true that they asked me not to name the Northern League politicians, but I’m sure it happened to others too.”

The story

It all begins when RAI and the organization of the Concertone ask the singer to check in advance the text of the intervention he will make on stage. In the words of the singer, first the attack on Draghi on the blocking of activities for entertainment workers, and then a long digression on the Zan law, with explicit references to public statements by Northern League representatives. According to a background on Republic, the text would have been known to many, including some leaders of the League. «Fedez is convinced of this and with good reason, given the reconstruction of the schedules of the “preventive reactions” delivered to social media and to the press by Salvini and other representatives of the League well before the live broadcast of Rai Tre, with precise references to the text, such as the one that it’s about the Vatican ».

The video released by Fedez of the phone call with the deputy director of Rai3, Ilaria Capitani, and the artistic director of the Concertone, Massimo Bonelli

At that moment, the phone call is triggered, which should be for clarification and instead turns into a furious quarrel by Fedez. An interview recorded both by the artist but also, always according to what was reconstructed by Republic, by Rai executives, since there is a recording of the same phone call also from their telephone boss. Someone then tells him that the difficulties in being able to give the ok to the speech derive from the existence of a regulation of the union: you cannot bring requests of this kind on that stage. Fedez is not satisfied and calls directly the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini, at 3 am between Friday and Saturday: he will tell him that that regulation does not exist.

The phone call

«The assertions that I report in my text are Northern League advisers who say ‘if I had a gay son, I would burn him in the oven’», Fedez explodes. «I’m asking you to adapt to a system – you hear from the other end of the phone – All the quotes you make with names and surnames cannot be cited. This is not the correct context ». Fedez replies: «Who establishes it? I say what I want on stage. In my text there is no foul language, I am embarrassed for you ». “I think the context is inappropriate,” the deputy director Capitani tells him at that point. “But I do what I want since there is no context of censorship”, he blurts out who then concludes: “Are civil rights contemplated in your future yes or no?”.

The missing part of the phone call

Yesterday, May 2, after the accusations by Rai of having manipulated the interview on the telephone, a transcript of a part of the phone call appeared which, with the editing made by Fedez, does not appear. Phrases that, as cash explained in an interview with The print, they only corroborate his version of the facts. “In the part they published they shoot themselves in the foot alone.”

«Excuse me Fedez, I’m Ilaria Capitani, deputy director of Rai3, Rai has absolutely no censorship to do. In the sense that Rai makes a purchase of rights and filming, therefore Rai is not responsible for your presence, God forbid, or for what you will say. ” And finally: «I want to underline that Rai has absolutely no censorship, okay? This is not it [?] After that, I think the context is inappropriate, but that’s his thing. ”

«I ask: “but then can I say what I want?” – says Fedez – And the Rai executive replies “no, no, no”. At that point I ask if I can say some things that are inappropriate for her but that are opportune for me, they do not have foul language or blasphemies and simply report the facts: that deafening silence that you hear in response really says it all “.

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