Vaccinations, hubs also in circles. And help the 70-year-olds with the toll-free number – Cronaca

Vaccinations, hubs also in circles. And help the 70-year-olds with the toll-free number – Cronaca
Vaccinations, hubs also in circles. And help the 70-year-olds with the toll-free number – Cronaca

Florence, May 3, 2021 – On the countryside of vaccinations Tuscany needs to accelerate further. This morning the governor Eugenio Giani, with the councilor for the right to health Simone Bezzini, will bring together the health managers. Three points on the agenda: expansion, already from the end of this week, of the number of hubs in the area to enhance vaccination capacity; departure of the vaccine reservation at the age group of sixty; toll free number 800.11.44.77 to be dedicated to the help of seventy-year-olds and frail people who have difficulty booking on the portal

Opening of new hubs
To give a further change of pace, the number of hubs in the ASL area of ​​central Tuscany will increase, which has one million and 700 thousand inhabitants out of a total of 3 million and 700 thousand Tuscans. Currently the ASL Toscana centro is able to administer 6,200 vaccines per day, by the end of the week with the opening of the new centers it will increase to over 12 thousand, to reach 13,500 on 15 May and, with the extension from two to three shifts, up to 19 thousand: this will be possible with the voluntary associations in the field, strengthening the staff with 180 national civil protection professionals as well as 50 volunteer vaccinators.

Where are the new centers
The Mandela forum center in Florence is expanding: within the week taking advantage of the exhibition area on the first floor it will go from 2,700 to 3,600 vaccines per day with the possibility of reaching 4,500. By Monday the Rogers exhibition center in Scandicci will be available with 480 vaccines per day, the people’s home in Grassina (600), the Ex Chino Chini educational center in Pontassieve (480). From 15 May the sports hall of Dicomano (720), the Scarperia racetrack (240), the Sala del Pellegrinaio of the old Misericordia e Dolce hospital in Prato (600), the Mcl San Biagio club in Pistoia (600), the the Fucecchio sports hall (720), the Montecatini palaterme (720). By the end of May, the multipurpose structure in Certaldo (240) and the municipal space in via Garibaldi in Calenzano (360). While the spaces of the Military Health School in via Venezia in Florence, the sports hall in Reggello and the La Civetta space in Quarrata are being evaluated.

It will be decided when to open the booking to the age group of sixty who in many other regions, from Lazio to Lombardy to Veneto (but also Sicily, Campania and Liguria) have already begun to vaccinate massively. In Tuscany, according to data from the report of the Ministry of Health, there are 2,035 people. Although in our region, in that age group in which 417 thousand citizens are included, 80 thousand people have been vaccinated with the first dose (and 31 also with the second), but all belonging to special categories, including ultra-fragile, health personnel, school , judicial and law enforcement.

Contrary to what was hypothesized, the opening of the diaries to the age group 70-79 years until 7 June is not collecting a large number of subscriptions. Since April 30, around 30 thousand citizens have booked. So Giani plans to dedicate the toll-free number 800.11.44.77 to the help of seventy-year-olds and extremely vulnerable people who have problems with technology and are unable to book on the portal. Of the 411,000 residents in their seventies, over 50% received at least the first dose (including ultra-frail people), while just over 7% completed the vaccination course. Tuscany is just below the national threshold.

From the first to today, another 30 thousand text messages have been sent to extremely vulnerable people for booking on the portal. In this category, 117 thousand were vaccinated with the first dose and 36 thousand completed the cycle.

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