Clandestine parties and gatherings, after the weekend of fines Italy starts again in yellow (apart from 6 regions). Here are the new rules

Italy wakes up again dressed in yellow. A week after the return of the areas with fewer restrictions, the “relegations” on the color scale are few. Also because the monitoring relates to the week from 19 to 25 April, therefore before the reopening of last Monday, the effects of which can begin to be seen in one if not two weeks. The RT goes up, the incidence of infections has dropped (from 157 to 146): a good result “but the incidence is still far from the 50 cases that would allow the containment of new cases” remark the authors of the report. The best result comes from the number of deaths, never so few in 7 months, and the number of vaccinations that continues to rise. And the framework of the Regions today is configured, with most remaining in the yellow zone.

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How the color map changes

The swirl of colors between the regions involved, however, the Valle d’Aosta, which in fact goes from orange to red due to its 265 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, over 250 that they send directly into lockdown. Instead, it goes from red to orange Sardinia, color in which the Campania, which, however, was yellow, but which now has a minimum Rt of 1.05, a hair above one level that sends you to purgatory where bars and restaurants are closed all day and you can only move within the boundaries of your municipality . The same fate touches the Puglia, which in reality for two weeks would have the numbers to be promoted in yellow, but which due to the intricate mechanisms of the “traffic light” system remains in orange, because two weeks ago it was red and before making the double jump you have to stop for two weeks in the intermediate range. Also in orange Basilicata, Calabria e Sicily. On the island, however, three municipalities (Ravanusa, Santa Caterina and Nizza di Sicilia) are in lockdown and Longi remains in the red zone until 7 May. The situation is worrying, especially in Palermo. All the others are in the yellow band, the one affected by the reopening of April 26th.

The gatherings on the weekend and the boom in checks
Crowds in parks, clubs taken by storm and traffic on the motorways to the sea. The “irresponsible” Italy of the first weekend in the yellow zone was not only that of the 30 thousand Inter fans in Piazza del Duomo and Largo Cairoli in Milan to celebrate the Scudetto. But in many corners of Italy the scenario was out of control, among many reports and fines. Over 50 in Rome, mainly due to gatherings, non-use of masks and sale of alcohol beyond the allowed time with about ten sanctioned minimarkets; 55, on the other hand, in Naples, mostly because he did not wear a protective mask, with the carabinieri intervening close to 10 pm in various districts of the city to raise awareness of the closure of the premises. The fines on Saturday would be over 2 thousand, including gatherings on the street and in the clubs and even some forbidden parties, such as those in Florence with 34 fines to the participants.

What can be done in the yellow zone
Movements in and out of the territories are always allowed. Until June 15, however, it is possible between 5 and 22 a single movement once a day to a private home, for a maximum of 4 people in addition to minors (up to 18 years) on whom parental responsibility is exercised . Open shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, ice cream parlors, pastry shops “with table consumption only outdoors, even at dinner” in compliance with curfew times and security protocols. The police forces will have to concentrate their checks on the premises, for compliance with the anticovid rules, and in the nightlife areas, to avoid gatherings. Mayors can also close streets and squares at certain times. The opening of the premises indoors, only for lunch, is instead fixed by the decree on 1 June. Finally, there is no time limit for catering in hotels and accommodation facilities. The shopping centers will be closed on weekends until May 15th. The museums remain open and it will be possible to attend the shows in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, live clubs and in other venues or spaces even outdoors. Seat reservations and respect for one meter distance between spectators (with the exception of cohabitants) are mandatory. The capacity cannot exceed 50% of the maximum authorized and in any case there cannot be more than a thousand spectators outdoors and 500 indoors. As for a week now, you can do any type of outdoor sport, even team and contact, but without being able to use the changing rooms. For the reopening of the outdoor swimming pools, it will be necessary to wait until May 15th, while for the gyms on June 1st. However, all activities in ballrooms, discos and private parties remain prohibited.

What can be done in the orange zone
Here are the rules concerning Sardinia, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. The main novelty introduced by the decree of 26 April concerns travel: all those who have the “Covid 19 green certifications” can enter and leave the municipalities and provinces: that of vaccination or recovery, both valid for 6 months, or result of an antigenic or molecular swab carried out in the previous 48 hours. In the orange zone it is always allowed to move for proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons, as well as to return to one’s residence, domicile or home, including second homes. It remains possible, in the municipality of residence, to visit relatives and friends only once a day, up to 4 people in addition to cohabiting minors. The shops are open while bars and restaurants are closed, only take-away or home delivery is possible. It is still possible to carry out outdoor sports activities individually but contact or team sports are not allowed.

What can be done in the red zone
From Valle d’Aosta you can move, always with one of the three certificates: vaccination, recovery or negative swab carried out in the previous 48 hours. Travel for work, necessity or health reasons, as well as for the return to one’s residence, domicile or home is also always allowed. It is not possible to visit relatives or friends once a day, as in the orange or yellow zone, while you can leave the house to carry out physical activities near your home and individual sporting activities. The shops are closed, with the exception of essential activities, as well as the bars and restaurants for which it is possible to take away until 6 pm and home delivery.

Students in the classroom today
From today, at least 7.7 million students will return to the classroom, 90% of the children. This is what Tuttoscuola tells us. With only the Valle d’Aosta in the red zone and with the high schools that have the responsibility of organizing activities independently in the presence of 70% to 100% of their students, the last month of school starts from Monday 3 May. Based on the capacity of the schools and the “color” of the region, the number of pupils in attendance for all orders will be included in a “range” between 7,667,374 and 8,505,440 students, including almost 100% of the entire school population of state and peer schools (the variability concerns only high schools).

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