Dj from Modena who died in France, is investigated for murder – Emilia-Romagna

A fatal stab for Davide Masitti, companion in custody

Yellow in France about the death of an Italian DJ, originally from Modena, who died last Tuesday with a stab in the side that would have been fatal. To lose his life, in the small town of Saint Michel de Castelnau, Davide Masitti, 49, aka ‘Da Frikkyo’, internationally known as a veteran of electronic music. ‘Il Resto del Carlino’ reports it. The French authorities have opened an investigation for voluntary homicide and his partner Anna, 38, originally from Trieste, would be in judicial custody. No mention of the motive. The woman allegedly denied all accusations by explaining that David injured himself.

The tragedy took place in southwestern France, in the Gironde department. In the country of just 245 people, Davide moved two years ago with his partner and two children to pursue his musical dream. The alarm was given to the rescuers on Tuesday evening at about 11.30 pm. From what is learned, the man would have been hit by a single stab in the side while he was in his house.

The partner would be in custody on charges of ‘voluntary violence’. According to investigators, he hit the 49-year-old with a blow, but without the intention of killing him. According to reports from the local French newspaper ‘Sudouest’, the woman denied any responsibility claiming that the man inflicted the wound on himself, which was later fatal.

Distraught in Concordia, in the lower Modena area, the relatives of the DJ, who learned of his death after receiving messages of condolence from some friends. “On the hypothesis that the partner may be responsible, in some way, I categorically exclude it”, commented Davide’s brother who lives in the province of Modena.


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