Santoro now bows to Fedez: “I would pay the fee for him”

Santoro now bows to Fedez: “I would pay the fee for him”
Santoro now bows to Fedez: “I would pay the fee for him”

Also Michele Santoro is added to the front that went in defense of Fedez. The Italian rapper, who has now become the point of reference of the left, gave a speech at the May Day Concert to take sides in favor of the Zan bill and to attack some members of the League. Chiara Ferragni’s husband has also published a video on social media to denounce what he defines as an attempt at censorship by the Rai, even if from Viale Mazzini they were keen to deny this version. The last to defend the singer was the journalist, interviewed by Massimo Giletti a It is not the arena on La7.

The former conductor of Public service wanted to thank Fedez for the test of courage he has shown in the past few hours: “Thanks Fedez because he made us savor again a perfume that had been canceled by Rai, or that of freedom“He says people like Fedez could be a good reason to pay the canon: “I do not pay the fee willingly to see Salvini on the news that not only speaks without contradiction, but with those archive images that roll like in no other civil circumstance in the world“. And he criticized the monologues granted to the exponents of the parties who are allowed to hold real television rallies without the journalists asking questions:”Are we resigning ourselves to this situation, and do we want to talk about freedom?“.

Santoro, however, stigmatized the interventions of Italian politicians – including former premier Giuseppe Conte and Enrico Letta – wondering who canceled that scent of freedom from Rai: “Their parties canceled it, as did Salvini and Meloni“. Subsequently he reprimanded Rai for the management it adopted during the Coronavirus emergency:”It has self-reduced both as a work in the studies and as a format of the programs. So it went along with the pace of the pandemic“. Instead, in his opinion it had to be the”center of a response for the workers of the show“, hard hit by the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of Covid-19.

According to the journalist, no system can prevent either the exercise of a constitutional freedom or the right of the author to express himself freely, especially when the context is seen as appropriate: “There is no longer a need to censor anyone simply because there is no longer any freedom. When there is no freedom what do you have to censor? Censorship becomes superfluous“.


Santoro bows Fedez pay fee

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