outside the parliamentarians from the board of public TV – Corriere.it

outside the parliamentarians from the board of public TV – Corriere.it
outside the parliamentarians from the board of public TV – Corriere.it

Out of the parties from Rai. The day after the fuss raised by the rapper’s statements Fedez on the preventive censorship suffered at the concert of 1 May, the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, calls for “a change of pace, a very strong discontinuity” in the upcoming appointments of the members of the Rai board of directors. How? Leaving current or former parliamentarians out of the board. “The criterion is the curriculum”, is the “strong and ambitious” challenge launched to other political forces. And for this it is necessary that Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, are “on the same line”. Moreover, Letta reads the controversy of these hours as “yet another confirmation of the failure of the RAI management” born during the M5S-Lega government.

The challenge of the PD secretary falls when part of the games for the renewal of the board of directors it’s done. The names of the candidates for the board will be announced this week, whose curricula have been deposited with the Chambers. The law in force assigns to these the prerogative to choose, from the list, four components. Two other members, chosen from the same list, are identified by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of the Economy: among these is the CEO. The last member is chosen by Rai employees. Letta’s indication therefore displaces the “political” candidates, already included in those curricula, which some parties were preparing to support. And turbo-charged the hypothesis that at least the next summits could be technical. In recent days there has been talk of Tinny Andreatta or Paolo Del Brocco, as CEO, and Ferruccio de Bortoli or Paola Severini Melograni, as president.

But yesterday there was also the request of the former premier Giuseppe Conte, leader in pectore of the M5S, of “Reform the governance of Rai”, keeping parties out, through a foundation. Which, perhaps not surprisingly, is what is contained in a bill of the Democratic Party, re-launched yesterday by its first signatory: the Minister of Welfare, Andrea Orlando, who remained close to Conte. “What if we turned to facts? – comments the leader of the Usigrai union, Vittorio Di Trapani -. The parties that were indignant yesterday ask for the immediate scheduling of the bills that change Rai governance ”. The current RAI leaders, of which some parties have asked to resign, defended themselves by placing the responsibility for the complained censorship on the iCompany, organizer of the concert: “In Rai there is no” system “and if anyone – said the ‘to Fabrizio Salini – speaking inappropriately on behalf and in the name of Rai, he used this word, I apologize ».

Salini promises that “will be shed light with the organizers of the concert, that Rai buys and has been broadcasting since its first edition, to understand how it was only possible to hypothesize uaberration of this kind and whether there are corporate responsibilities “. In the meantime, the reconstructions on what happened are flaking: the prevalent one wants to alert iCompany and the deputy director of Rai3, Ilaria Capitani, to have been Northern League exponents who, as early as Saturday afternoon, were bickering via social media with Fedez, “advising” him warmly not to intervene on political issues.

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