“Too poor to be prime minister” – Corriere.it

“Too poor to be prime minister” – Corriere.it
“Too poor to be prime minister” – Corriere.it

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LONDON – Basically, Boris cannot afford to be prime minister: he is too poor. The anonymous blow led him to theSunday Times a Downing Street councilor: and so the English Sunday tried to do the math in Johnson’s pocket, discovering that the head of the British government on the pavement, continually tormented by financial problems that expose him to pressures of all kinds. At the origin of the story is the scandal of the renovation of the private apartment in Downing Street, where Boris lives with his fiancée, Carrie Symonds: the £ 58,000 bill would have been paid, at least initially, by conservative party financiers. Johnson has not declared – as he should have done – this donation: which has triggered several inquiries that could even lead to his indictment.

He was very ironic about it restyling of the premier’s residence, strongly desired by his girlfriend: she chose expensive furnishings for one designer trendy, because apparently horrified by the department store furniture Theresa May left behind. An excessive and baroque taste that earned her the epithet of Carrie Antonietta and that resulted in a total bill that is whispered to be 200 thousand pounds (about 250 thousand euros): and that was presented to the miserable Boris only after the fact. Of course, at first it might seem bizarre that a British Prime Minister is in fact broke, especially when you consider it the official salary of 157 thousand pounds a year, which is about 185 thousand euros. But already this has been a drain on Johnson, compared to his previous income: as a columnist for the Telegraphhe earned over 300 thousand euros, to which were added the fees for books and speeches. In total, before taking over the leadership of the country, Boris was bringing home over half a million a year.

Now, that premier’s salary net of income tax is 95,000 pounds (about 110,000 euros). But then there are to be paid at least ten thousand euros in taxes on the Downing Street apartment: and Johnson also has to cover his own meals and guest expenses out of his own pocket if he receives someone privately in official residences. But especially his messy private life weighing on Boris’ accounts. The divorce from ex-wife Marina, abandoned for Carrie, was particularly costly; then there are the various children to support, namely the six officers (four from Marina, one from a mistress and one from Carrie) and who knows how many other unofficial ones. Johnson finally took out a mortgage of over one and a half million to buy a house with Carrie in South London and has to pay for her cottage in Oxfordshire.

In short, there is no need to waste away. And for this that Boris allegedly asked the conservative party’s generous financiers to write off the cash: including paying for babysitting for her last child, Wilfred, who has just turned one, and for her personal trainer, which helped him shed the extra pounds. But as an anonymous donor said, I’m not okay with being asked to pay to clean the prime minister’s baby’s ass: because in London a babysitter costs almost 2,500 euros a month (and a personal trainer 20 euros per hour). To make ends meet, Boris would also have asked for a bank loan: but not even this was declared. And the problem not only of transparency, which is also due by law: a bankrupt prime minister can be subjected to all sorts of pressures, if not blackmail, as well as being distracted from his duties.

In the last week the events of Johnson’s chaotic life filled the English newspapers and Labor went on the attack, shouting scandal and corruption. Many argue that public opinion does not pay much attention to it, because it is assumed that Boris is a character by no means blameless. But actually the electorate begins to take note: the latest polls give Labor just one point below the Conservatives, who previously enjoyed a large advantage. And this a few days after an important round of administrative elections: if the scandals were to weigh on the vote, for Johnson, already under siege on the domestic front, a very delicate phase would open.

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