Csm scandal, investigated magistrates and list of names. The checks on the «lodge Hungary» – Corriere.it

Csm scandal, investigated magistrates and list of names. The checks on the «lodge Hungary» – Corriere.it
Csm scandal, investigated magistrates and list of names. The checks on the «lodge Hungary» – Corriere.it

A secret association capable of influencing appointments and business or a giant mud machine powered by dossiers and audio files. this is the knot that the Perugia Public Prosecutor’s Office, holder of the investigation into the Hungary lodge, will have to solve, described in over ten minutes by the lawyer Piero Amara, convicted and investigated for misdirection against Eni and various episodes of corruption in judicial acts. An alleged coterie of which – according to the lawyer who tries to transform himself into a sort of repentant – would include politicians, magistrates, leaders of the police forces, lawyers and entrepreneurs. But on which there is still no evidence, starting from the list of affiliates, the eventual venue of the meetings, the illicit agreements between the members. Amara was interrogated several times by the magistrates of Milan and already twice by those of Perugia led by the prosecutor Raffaele Cantone. He will be back in the next few days and his partner Giuseppe Calafiore (another lawyer already convicted) will be called back, who has announced his willingness to collaborate.

Magistrates under investigation

Amara was registered in the register of suspects of Perugia for secret association. The investigation also concerns some magistrates whose names he named, against whom checks have been initiated. Investigations that are intertwined with those launched in Rome to find out who and why, six months ago, began to disseminate with anonymous mail those reports that the Milanese public prosecutor Paolo Storari (one of the assignees of the Amara file) had delivered to the then councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo. Among these, the one delivered to the member of the CSM Nino Di Matteo, with the accusations against his colleague Sebastiano Ardita, whom the former anti-Mafia prosecutor has already branded as clearly slanderous, because their falsity is easily verifiable; it is a real dossier aimed at discrediting Ardita and influencing the activities of the CSM.

The list with i nomi

The intrigue begins in 2019 when Amara, assisted by the lawyer Salvino Mondello, begins to speak with the Milanese magistrates and declares to have a list of 40 names that are part of the “Hungary” lodge. Immediately after he specifies for: You can find the complete list at a judge’s home, or ask Calafiore who keeps it abroad. The judge, under investigation for another matter, undergoes a search but there is no trace of the list. References to the Hungarian lodge are instead found in Amara’s computer, notes written by him that are the basis of the Milanese interrogations. The lawyer declares that they are notes on the agreements for appointments in judicial offices and for the conclusion of some business in which he would have acted as mediator: true facts or pre-packaged dossiers for future use?

The recorded interviews

Amara also gives some to the magistrates files audio with the recording of interviews that – he explains – I myself have had and that prove the existence of the lodge. And to prove his reliability he adds: I have material, including videos, to demonstrate the relationships between people who publicly deny even knowing each other. While he was plotting with the alleged accomplices, in short, he recorded and filmed those same plots. The prosecutors of the Milan Public Prosecutor are divided on the opportunity to proceed with investigative proxies to verify what the lawyer tells, and so Storari decides to move independently.

Davigo’s role

We are now between the end of March and the beginning of April 2020. The magistrate contacts Davigo and gives him the working copies extracted from his computer. I do it for my protection, because the bosses don’t want to go on, they justify themselves. Davigo informally talks about it with the vice president of the CSM David Ermini and with the attorney general of the Court of Cassation Giovanni Salvi, but neither he nor Storari take any official steps. There are no exposures, no practice can be opened. Salvi asks the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco on behalf of any disagreements. The papers remain in Davigo’s office. And a few days after his retirement, those minutes are sent anonymously to some newspapers. They are not signed, there are no stamps (confirming that they come directly from a computer of one of the investigators). The journalists who receive them become suspicious and report the receipt of the package. The Rome Prosecutor’s Office launches an investigation and accuses Davigo’s secretary, Marcella Contrafatto of being the postwoman. The woman is searched, copies of those reports are found in her home.

Who commissioned you to disseminate them? You take advantage of the option not to answer. For this reason, in the next few days Davigo will be called to explain why his secretary had them. Storari could also be summoned for questioning, against whom the Attorney General Salvi has already announced investigations assuming serious violations of the duties of a magistrate.

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Csm scandal investigated magistrates list names checks lodge Hungary Corriereit

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