Inter transfer market, goodbye and double prank Conte

Juventus and Inter could cross their destiny also in the transfer market where the bianconeri and the nerazzurri go in search of common goals. Checkmate with Dybala

Paulo Dybala (Getty Images)

The fate of Paulo Dybala could cross, albeit indirectly, with theInter. The Argentine striker continues not to convince, highlighting an overall condition well below expectations. A sale at the end of the season, with the Juventus intent on cashing in at least 50-55 million euros also thanks to a renewal that will not arrive. It is precisely the possible farewell of Dybala that could put a spoke in the wheels of Inter’s future projects. For all the other transfer market news and not just on the Nerazzurri CLICK HERE.

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Inter transfer market, double joke for Conte: De Paul and Emerson

Rodrigo de Paul (Getty Images)

Specifically, according to what was pointed out by the colleagues of ‘’, the fate of Dybala could be in England with Manchester United above all but watch out for Tottenham e Liverpool who could put on the plate the amount requested by Juventus. With this heavy sale, the bianconeri could go and place two shots for the next season.

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A treasure that Juve would reinvest Emerson Palmieri and Rodrigo From Paul, two of Antonio’s main goals Conte for his Inter next year. Money, those of Dybala, which could thus lead to a double mockery for the Nerazzurri and the Salento coach.


Inter transfer market goodbye double prank Conte

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