young people arrive armed with bars and truncheons in Piazza Cima

Punitive raid in Piazza Cima in Conegliano: this is what happened in the center, in front of the astonished gaze of the patrons of the surrounding bars.

A group of young people, Armed with batons and bars, they headed for another group who were sitting at the tables in the square.

Immediately the young people started hitting their peers, without sparing chairs and tables in the neighborhood.

A boy, momentarily unconscious, was struck, who was rescued by the Suem 118 health workers, who rushed to the site with an ambulance and a self-medication while another was treated on the spot, reporting conspicuous head injuries.

The event took place approximately after 3.30 pm today, Sunday 2 May, a quiet afternoon that was hit by this unexpected news event.

It seems that the young men armed with truncheons were not local, but the Carabinieri and the State Police, who arrived on site to hear the witnesses, maintain the utmost secrecy.

Investigations are underway, as are the operations to identify those responsible for the raid, thanks to the videos shot by some witnesses.

(Photo: Facebook – © reserved reproduction).


young people arrive armed bars truncheons Piazza Cima

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