Monitor Italia: confidence in Mario Draghi and in the government is still falling

ROMA – The prime minister loses almost half a percentage point (0.4 to be exact) and stands at 51.7%. The government, on the other hand, drops by 1.3%. This was revealed by Monitor Italia, the survey carried out by Tecné with Agenzia Dire, with interviews carried out on April 30 on a sample of a thousand cases.
Today 45.4% of those interviewed express their trust in the government, while those who do not trust the executive rise to 45.6. 9% don’t know.
The government recorded the latest confidence boost on March 5: + 0.6% on the previous week, reaching 58.2. From then on, a steady decline: today’s figure of 45.4% is the lowest since the executive took office. In just over a month and a half it has lost 13%.
Over the same period, Draghi dropped from 61.4% to 51.7 today.


In the last week Lega and Pd lost 0.2%, while Fdi and M5s recorded, respectively, + 0.1% and + 0.4%.
The League always remains the first party with 21.6% but begins to ‘see’ the Democratic Party which reaches 19.3%. Fratelli d’Italia consolidates the third place with 18.6%. The M5S dates back with 16.4% overall. Forza Italia is down slightly (9.7%) with -0.1% recorded in the last week.
So Action 3.3% (+ 0.2%), Left 2.3% (-0.1%), Italia Viva at 1.9% (-0.1%), Verdi 1.8% (- 0.1%).


The rise, in the polls, of Giorgia Meloni continues. The former minister is the most respected political leader after Mario Draghi and well before Matteo Salvini.
Mario Draghi leads the ranking of leaders who inspire more confidence, albeit in decline. Today it is at 51.7%, but has lost 0.4. In second place is Giorgia Meloni with 41.2% (+0.5).
Giuseppe Conte is still growing: an increase of 0.4 which brings him to 37.4%.
Matteo Salvini follows with 32.5% (-0.2); Enrico Letta with 29.5% (+0.1); Berlusconi at 28.1%, Hope at 21.7%, Emma Bonino at 20.4%.
Carlo Calenda earns 0.1% which brings him to 18; while Matteo Renzi loses 0.1 and drops to 10.4%.


Monitor Italia confidence Mario Draghi government falling

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