Alfa Romeo Brenner: what happens?

Alfa Romeo Brenner: what happens?
Alfa Romeo Brenner: what happens?

As we reported in our previous article, in the past few hours the news has bounced on the web that the two Jeep and Fiat B-SUVs, which were to be produced in Tychy in Poland, received the ok unlike Alfa Romeo’s B-Suv. At this point the question arises: why Alfa Romeo Brenner has not yet received the final approval from the Stellantis group?

Alfa Romeo Brenner what’s going on? According to Autonews, the SUV is not yet confirmed

The item reported by Automotive News, which cites internal documents of the Stellantis group, suggests that a final decision has not yet been taken on the place of production of Alfa Romeo Brenner. In fact, as we know, in recent months the news that the SUV would be produced in Poland has not received much appreciation from part of the fans of the car manufacturer of the Biscione, according to which the Italian character of the brand represents a fundamental element that cannot be renounced.

The news that the production of Alfa Romeo Brenner Tychy would not have received the ok yet, unlike the Jeep and Fiat B-SUVs, suggests that some changes are still possible. This obviously even if the arrival of this model in the range of the historic Milanese brand is certain, given that in recent days its arrival has been further confirmed by the new number one of Alfa Romeo, the managing director Jean-Philippe Imparato.

Its production has been postponed to October 2023

In any case, despite these rumors, in our opinion the most likely hypothesis remains the one that in the end also Alfa Romeo Brenner will be produced in Tychy. As for the time of arrival of the model on the market, there is another postponement. While it was initially thought that production of the SUV would begin in January 2023, according to Automotive News, provided the SUV is definitively approved, it will be produced starting in the month of October 2023.

However, we will start immediately with the fully electric version of Alfa Romeo Brenner. We will therefore see if this model will receive the final go ahead for its production in Poland in the coming weeks or if there will be further twists.

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