The black market of fake tampons: with 30 euros from India to Italy even if they are sick

The black market of fake tampons: with 30 euros from India to Italy even if they are sick
The black market of fake tampons: with 30 euros from India to Italy even if they are sick

They are enough $ 30 for a fake tampon and fly from India to Italy, with the risk of bringing the dangerous variant of the local Sars-Cov-2 to the country. To admit it were some of the passengers who landed in recent days at the Roman airport of Fiumicino from New Delhi, with 9% of these (including two crew members), tested positive for coronavirus.

“I didn’t do the swab, but I paid to have a fake stamped certificate issued”, says one of the 223 passengers who, however, as soon as he arrived in Italy was immediately subjected to a rapid swab.

The newspaper told the ‘trap’ The messenger, who overheard several of the passengers who disembarked at Fiumicino on Wednesday evening.

As is known, given the frightening increase in cases from India, the Minister of Health last Sunday Roberto Speranza had signed one ordinance banning entry into Italy to anyone who has been in India in the last 14 days, while i residents in Italy “will be able to return with a swab at departure and arrival and with the obligation of quarantine”.

But some of the landed in Fiumicino managed to circumvent the obligation also in India, where you can only leave if in possession of a negative swab done within 48 hours of departure. In the country struggling with a frightening wave of infections, at the rate of 400 thousand new cases a day, there is a large black market for bogus certificates and of labs that falsify reports for $ 30, with the risk therefore of allowing Covid patients to walk around freely and infect the population.

A case that made him go on a rampage Alessio D’Amato, Lazio Health Councilor: “Do we really think that a worker who has returned from India reads the ordinance and on his own initiative decides to isolate himself? We need a completely different system, we need to retrieve the lists of passengers who have returned from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and send them to the various local health authorities ”, explains the councilor of the Zingaretti junta.

NEW RECORD OF CASES IN INDIA – Meanwhile in the Asian country the Ministry of Health announced that on Friday there was a new record coronavirus cases daily: there have been registered 401.993, with a number since the beginning of the pandemic reached 19,164,969, while the new deaths were 3,523, for a total of 211,853.

Less than two months, the health minister announced that India was “at the end” of the pandemic and New Delhi sent millions of vaccines overseas.

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