Fedez al Concertone May 1st becomes a political case

Fedez al Concertone May 1st becomes a political case
Fedez al Concertone May 1st becomes a political case

Fedez at the Concertone on May 1st becomes a political case. The League, before the performance of the rapper, takes sides against the possible political show of the artist: “If Fedez uses the concert on May 1 for political purposes for personal purposes, trampling on the meaning of the workers’ day, Rai will have to challenge the contract and let the unions bear the entire cost of the event “, say the senators and deputies of the Lega in Vigilanza Rai. Matteo Salvini intervenes with a tweet: “The ‘concertone’ costs about 500,000 euros to Italians, to all Italians, so the ‘left-wing’ meetings would be out of place”. Fedez replies to the leader of the Carroccio: “I go to the concert for free and pay my musicians who have not worked for a year and on stage I would like to express myself as a free man without the artists having to send their speeches for prior approval from you politicians. his party cost us 49 million euros “. Then, on Instagram, he reveals that he has undergone pressure to change his announced intervention. “It is the first time that I have had to send the text of my speech to be submitted for political approval, an approval that unfortunately did not occur in the first place, or rather the top management of Raitre asked me to omit some parties and names and sweeten their content “, says the singer. “I had to fight a little bit but in the end they gave me permission to express myself freely. As May Day teaches us, in our small way we have to fight for the important things. Obviously as a free person I take full responsibility for what I say and do . Good May 1”.

In the evening, a series of speeches from the Democratic Party. “What emerges from the statements of Fedez on the attempted preventive censorship of the Rai against him is really very serious. It is unacceptable for an artist to be subjected to political verification before even performing. The RAI leaders must immediately clarify how things went and of who are the responsibilities. It would be even more serious if such behavior of the company were linked to what was said this morning by Northern League politicians, starting with Salvini, who asked Rai to censor Fedez before even knowing what he would have said on stage. The May Day concert has always been a moment of celebration and freedom. Nobody should undermine these values ​​”, says the democratic deputy Michele Bordo, member of the Rai Supervisory Committee.

The statements of Fedez, according to which someone in Rai would have asked for the prior sending of his speech to the May Day Concert for fear of his stance on the Zan bill, bring us straight back to the 1950s and to a Rai that censored the opinions policies of the artists it hosted “, says Andrea Romano, also a PD deputy and member of the Supervisory Commission on Rai, who adds:” It is urgent to understand who was, in detail, that Rai executive who took on the role of censor di Fedez, in what capacity he did it and if he did not demonstrate in this way that he bowed to Salvini’s diktat that he had told Fedez not to ‘do politics’. This is a very serious episode, which among other things feeds the worst representation of a policy that wants to condition free artistic expression on public service channels “.


Fedez Concertone #1st political case

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