Fedez at the May 1st concert, appeal to Draghi and attack on the League

Fedez at the May 1st concert, appeal to Draghi and attack on the League
Fedez at the May 1st concert, appeal to Draghi and attack on the League

Fedez protagonist at the concert on May 1st 2021 with a monologue between the requests for the entertainment world to the premier, the “dear Mario”, and the attack on the League on the Zan Bill. “It is the first time that I have had to send the text of my speech to be submitted for political approval, an approval that unfortunately did not occur in the first place, or rather the top management of Raitre asked me to omit some parties and names and sweeten their content, “says the rapper. “I had to fight a little bit but in the end they gave me permission to express myself freely. As May Day teaches us, in our small way we have to fight for the important things. Obviously as a free person I take full responsibility for what I say and do The content of this speech was described as inappropriate by Raitre’s deputy director, “she explains.

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“Happy May 1st and happy celebration to all workers, even to those who have a job but have not been able to exercise it for over a year. For show business workers this is no longer a party. Dear Mario, I understand that football is the real foundation of this country. Let’s not forget that the number of workers in football and entertainment are the same. I’m not saying a few bucks, but at least a few words, a reform project in defense of a sector decimated by the emergency and which is regulated by regulations established in the 1940s … Dear Mario, as he explained with great timeliness regarding the Superlega, your intervention in the entertainment world would be equally welcome “, he said, addressing Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Then, the chapter on the law against homophobia: “This was the approved part, now comes the strong part … A few words about the man of the moment, the sleepy Ostellari”, he says referring to the Northern League exponent, president of the commission Justice at Palazzo Madama, which has decided to incardinate the Zan bill on homophobia but keeping the role of speaker for itself. “He has decided that a bill of parliamentary initiative such as the Zan Ddl, already approved in the House, can be blocked by the desire of an individual, that is himself, to be protagonist. On the other hand, Ostellari is part of a group that has distinguished itself years for the fight against equality Someone like Ostellari said that there are other priorities than the Zan Bill “including” Formigoni’s annuity “which is” more important than protecting everyone’s rights “. Then, the closing: “The president of the Pro Vita association, the ultra-Catholic and anti-abortionist Jacopo Coghe, was the first voice to rise up against the Zan Bill but did not realize that the Vatican has invested more than 20 million in a pharmaceutical company that produces the morning-after pill. Dear anti-abortionists, you did not realize that you had the enemy at home. “


Fedez #1st concert appeal Draghi attack League

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