endless emergency – Time

endless emergency – Time
endless emergency – Time

Fernando Magliaro

01 May 2021

The important thing is not to find a quick and structural solution to the waste problem in Rome. The important thing, for the Municipality and the Region, is to point out each other as the cause of the problem. And, at least in this, they are both right: the fault lies with a municipality that denies the need to build plants, preferring to take the trash out of the region. And of a region whose newly born waste plan is already so incomplete that it is dead.

So yesterday afternoon there was the usual cloying ballet of accusations. The Municipality leaves with the third councilor for Waste of the five-year Rays, the activist crickets na Katia Ziantoni, who announces an appeal to the TAR against the regional Ordinance issued a few days ago and expiring yesterday which requires the Municipality to identify a site for the landfill in the city and Ama to make some industrial choices We are talking about Ziantoni herself who does not want the revamping project of the Ama plant in Rocca Cencia and who does not even want the composting project for the wet waste of a private individual. So, below with the stamped papers: «Zingaretti – writes Ziantoni is playing a dangerous game, all to the disadvantage of the Roman citizens. Evidently the will is to return to always sacrifice the same territories as the Galeria Valley.

Zingaretti himself, who today denounces the non-compliance of Roma Capitale, only last January, went to the police station in the province of Latina for not having identified the integrated and adequate network of disposal plants ”. The fault of the disaster according to Ziantoni? Certainly not Virginia Raggi’s empty five-year period, without a single project completed, but the closure of Roccasecca, the investigation into Monte Carnevale, the early closure (of one year) of Colleferro. Ziantoni again: “Roma Capitale has already given feedback to the first order of Zingaretti, sending the approved industrial plan” explaining how the Waste Plan establishes 36 months to “achieve self-sufficiency in the provincial context.”

A problem that Raggi will leave to her successor. The Region responds closely, with the Councilor for Waste, Massimiliano Valeriani (author of the Waste Plan), according to which obviously, “the only person responsible” for the emergency is the Giunta Raggi. If the Municipality and Ama do not transmit a plan on the systems for the self-sufficiency of the waste cycle, the Region will be able to commission the Municipality.

Valeriani asks: «Is it right that in five years in Rome, separate waste collection has decreased and not a single new plant has been built to handle 3,000 tons of waste per day? Is it right to spend almost one billion euros of citizens in five years to carry waste around Italy and let other communities take on this burden? Are the Romans happy to have a dirty city and to pay the highest Tari in Italy? Is it right to have a mayor who, instead of solving his problem, keeps asking others to manage the waste in his city? All this is not fair: the Rays Administration has decided not to govern the city and is solely responsible for this disaster ».

There is no mea culpa on an old and insufficient regional waste plan. «In the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, only 500 million euros have been allocated for Rome, a real shame. Rome is not only the capital of Italy but the universal capital, the money that will arrive is a ridiculous alms. In 2025 the jubilee year will be celebrated and we are asking the government for one billion and 800 million euros, exactly those that arrived for the Jubilee of 2000 from the Italian state without drawing on European funds ”. This is what the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies Fabio Rampelli of Fratelli d’Italia declares during a demonstration organized by the Roman coordination of the party in front of Palazzo Chigi. «The parties that support this government – he added – today threw off their masks: they are unable to defend the capital. With 250 billion in recovery, 500 million is not even a third of the amount at the time. Rome does not need alms, it must return to being competitive. The Prime Minister Draghi, a Roman – concluded Rampelli – humiliates Rome in the absolute silence of its allies ».

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