Goalkeepers, who to line up at the Fantasy Football in the 34th day?

Goalkeepers, who to line up at the Fantasy Football in the 34th day?
Goalkeepers, who to line up at the Fantasy Football in the 34th day?

High deployability

SILVESTRI – After many struggling matches and only one goal scored at San Siro, there is a clean sheet match against Spezia: he will try.

HANDANOVIC – Conte wants to keep his guard up, even in Crotone the goal is unbeaten.

DONNARUMMA – Milan cannot be wrong, Benevento is certainly not a goal machine.

REINA – Very well with Milan, smell of a second +1 in a row with Genoa?

MERET – If Napoli turns, there is none for anyone. Not even for a fit Cagliari.

Medium to high deployability

PROVEDEL – Difficult pitch in Verona, but Juric’s team hasn’t scored a lot lately. And Spezia is still involved in the salvation speech.

SKORUPSKI – Mihajlovic scrambled after the 5-0 in Bergamo, it will not be a day like that.

DRAGOWSKI – Fiorentina improved defensively, but in Bologna a penalty must be taken into account.

GOLLINI – Excellent Atalanta also in defense, however if Sassuolo plays as they know it can create headaches.

SZCZESNY – Also for him a malus can come, De Paul and Pereyra thorns in the side very insidious.

AUDERO – Rome demoralized for many reasons, Sampdoria will want to take advantage of it.

SIRIGU – Not a higher bracket because Parma almost always finds the goal. And because the Taurus behind gives few guarantees. But it is a race to be won at all costs.

Medium-low deployability

SCUFFET – Back to the owner with the disqualification of Musso, there is not much to trust especially because Juve hardly misses two in a row.

MIRANTE – He risks more than one penalty in Genoa, Manchester’s mistakes could weigh further.

Low deployability

CORDAZ – Against Lautaro and Lukaku’s Inter, obviously not.

MONTIPO ‘- Milan hungry and with an extra Ibrahimovic, save whoever can.

PERIN – Real estate is back, Correa is in great shape, behind them many other dangers.

VICARIO – Confirmed despite Cragno, but plays against one of the worst teams at the moment: Napoli travels strong in attack.

ADVICE – Atalanta scores with impressive ease, too risky.

COLOMBI – Possible second consecutive chance for him in place of Sepe, the problem is that Torino scores in front and absolutely needs to win. Parma, on the other hand, leaks behind.


Goalkeepers line Fantasy Football #34th day

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