after 35 years of research I see the results and the hope-

after 35 years of research I see the results and the hope-
after 35 years of research I see the results and the hope-

You can’t imagine what a physical pleasure it is to cut the grass under the feet of this damned virus !. Roberto Burioni he leaves – but only for a few hours – the laboratory, the chair and the activity of popularizer, puts on his coat and vaccinates against Covid-19. In the evening, with a hundred characters and two photos posted on Twitter, he celebrates the afternoon spent at the polo Novegro, managed by the San Donato Group (accredited private). After 35 years of studying viruses, being able to vaccinate in person and inject the fruit of science filled me with joy, he says. Burioni professor of Microbiology and Virology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, scientific director of the online magazine Medical Facts but first of all a doctor, as he underlines in the self-description on social networks. And yesterday as a doctor he wore the white coat, the Ffp2 mask, the disposable gloves and began to examine the patients called for injection in the large hub that touches 5 thousand daily administrations. Alongside him, many colleagues and medical specialists. We must give a good example to the youngest.

First task for the professor: to answer doubts and fears, to illustrate the characteristics of vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca. The frequent changes of indication on the latter drug and the second dose 12 weeks later, in the middle of summer, create some perplexity in citizens. But the refusals are limited: 30 out of 850 appointments, yesterday in Novegro. People want information – says the virologist -, the desire to know things well, to understand is more than legitimate. There was no lack of questions about possible side effects: They are very rare. Vaccines are extremely safe and effective. Burioni is more than used to talking about science to the general public. Yesterday, however, the explanations were tailor-made, reserved for individuals and for this reason even more precious. The direct relationship between doctor and patient is irreplaceable, a bond of mutual trust is created.

Burioni he also picked up the syringes for injections. I wanted to experience the pleasure of administering the vaccine, I wanted to remember the feeling of this very important moment. The doctor’s duty to deal with pain and disease. This time, however, we are confronted with hope and prevention. one of the most beautiful parts of medicine. People are more happy because they have received the vaccine. Between one puncture and another he devoted time to those who asked him for a selfie. Many recognized him, someone looked for him to exchange a comment. The professor says: A patient thanked me, saying: “I’m here because I heard it on television and convinced me that it was the right thing to do”. A sign that disclosure is useful. We get out of this nightmare thanks to science. The day ends with an invitation: We still need great attention. We hold on these last few months. And with a freeing you to the virus.

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