May 1st 2015 and Expo, Milan devastated by the fury of black blocks – Chronicle

May 1st 2015 and Expo, Milan devastated by the fury of black blocks – Chronicle
May 1st 2015 and Expo, Milan devastated by the fury of black blocks – Chronicle

The first May 2015 for Milan it had to be a big party: Expo was inaugurated, the opportunity for Milan to show itself to the world. And instead it was a day of guerilla warfare such as had not been seen since the hot years of extra-parliamentary protest. There was no lack of signals, even the sole commissioner of Expo Spa Giuseppe had expressed his concern on April 29, 2015. The non-Expo movement promised protests but parallel to a legitimate group of civil dissent, the fire of the crew was smoldering that which then everyone has simplified in black block. And together with the boys in black the war drums of violent Italian gangs were beating: there were loose wolves and small groups of the anarchist galaxy that on May 1st they wanted to be the feast of urban violence. Devastation had to be and devastation they did in the center of Milan: clashes with the police, shop windows destroyed, banks attacked, cars burned, big names looted, policemen beaten. That May 1st 2015 was one of the worst and blackest days of recent years for Milan and for the Milanese. An afternoon of urban warfare. We at Il Giorno followed in real time with online information what was happening and also produced a special edition of the paper newspaper. Six years after that May 1st we want to re-propose what happened through articles, photogalleries and videos of a day that should have been just a celebration,

The complete chronicle of that day is all in this article: The procession does not parade like every year through the streets of the center. For safety reasons, in fact, it was diverted to via De Amicis, via Carducci and passing through piazzale Cadorna it will end in via Pagano, where it will rejoin the demonstration organized by the Cub base unions against Expo. The fear, which will turn out to be true, is that hundreds of foreign demonstrators who have arrived in Milan will give life to violence and damage in the city center. For this reason, along the entire route but also in some strategic areas, the deployment of police forces is impressive. All the streets that intersect the path of the procession and lead to the central areas have been cordoned off by the police and, in the wider ones, mobile gates have also been positioned. Day with bands and bands from all over Europe protesting against Expoi. Also present were several groups of antagonists and anarchists from all over Europe. But also a bib with the inscription “Legal Team Europe” and a telephone number that the demonstrators “can call in case of need”. Among the lawyers in the square, some of whom are already defending antagonists, they explain that the European team of lawyers serves to guarantee “the free right of exercise to demonstrate”.

The fury

The head of the procession is led by a band playing Bella ciao and by a group of clowns who make fun of the theme of the exhibition. The NoTavs and the antagonists are instead in the center of the procession and a group of them, around 4 pm, has already begun to leave their signature on the facades of the buildings and on the windows of the banks encountered along the way. I lit some smoke bombs at the entrance to via De Amicis. Then begins a real urban guerrilla with arrests among the demonstrators and injured among the police. Chaos has broken out in Corso Magenta. Hooded protesters began to uproot bins, flower boxes, road poles. Then they threw paper bombs, first at parked cars, some of which caught fire, then in shops and garages from which tall columns of smoke rose. Right here the procession was thus broken in half, the first part continued towards the Pagano area, another was blocked in via Carducci. Cars and shops are on fire and the BNL branch in Piazza Virgilio. The black blocks have targeted luxury cars: BMW Mercedes and Audi. Firecrackers and paper bombs exploded between via Boccaccio and piazza Virgilio. Police in riot gear tried to isolate the rear of the march without success. The antagonists set back in via Vincenzo Monti and after having launched smoke bombs and rockets even at the height of the apartments of the houses on the first floors, they dispersed into the surrounding streets. Some hundreds continued their procession in the Pagano area and on their way they destroyed almost everything they encountered. Via Pallavicino and via Guido d’Arezzo have been reduced to a battlefield, with rubble, clothes and helmets left behind, sticks, gas masks and smoke bombs abandoned by the demonstrators who have obviously changed their clothes to avoid being identified. A totally upset area.

In Piazza Partisan Resistance demonstrators, dressed in black with their faces covered, threw some firecrackers over the safety nets that blocked the street, behind which the police were lined up. Officers in riot gear responded by firing fire hydrants. Some antagonists broke a sidewalk in via De Amicis, equipped with hammers, to arm themselves with cobblestones which they then threw at some shop windows, damaging them. Then it was the turn of via carducci taken by black bloc. Enel’s headquarters are also affected. Then, after 6pm, the violence dies down, the vandals flee, eleven people are in hospital, the police manage to arrest a dozen violent men and the Milanese take to the streets to clean up their city.

The No Expo procession

Devastated cars and shops

Devastations in the city

The attack on the policeman

No Expo, smeared the windows of the banks

No Expo ‘, guerrilla warfare in Milan: paper bombs, Molotov cocktails and barricades. Cars and shops on fire

He beat up a policeman during the NoExpo clashes: sentencing for the antagonist requested

No Expo ‘, guerrilla warfare in Milan: investigations into the support of the anarcho-autonomists for the black blocs

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