Covid: pretends to vaccinate a no vax couple, a nurse arrested – Sicily

Covid: pretends to vaccinate a no vax couple, a nurse arrested – Sicily
Covid: pretends to vaccinate a no vax couple, a nurse arrested – Sicily

In Palermo, in December a colleague with the same accusations ended up under house arrest

The Digos of Palermo arrested a nurse from the Fiera del Mediterraneo vaccination hub for false ideology and embezzlement. During a shift he allegedly pretended to administer the anti-covid vaccine to two spouses No vax. In recent weeks another nurse had ended up under house arrest with the same charges. The woman who ended up under house arrest is called Giorgia Camarda, she is 58 years old and also works as a nurse at the Infectious Diseases Department of the “Civico” hospital in Palermo.

According to investigators, in addition to pretending to vaccinate the no vax couple, now under investigation for falsification and embezzlement, he allegedly pretended to have received the booster dose of the vaccine thanks to the complicity of his colleague who was arrested in December, Anna Maria Lo Brano.

According to investigators, Lo Brano pretended to vaccinate 11 people in exchange for money, including a well-known leader of the no vax movement who is now in prison. The system used by Camarda was the same as her colleague: she poured the vaccine dose into a square of gauze and gave the fake injection. Digos continues to investigate to ascertain whether there have been other similar episodes.

“The arrest of another nurse involved in the investigation into fake vaccinations at the Hub of the Palermo Fair is yet another very serious and disconcerting fact, which we stigmatize and condemn and towards which we will be inflexible”. Thus the president of the Order of Nurses of Palermo, Nino Amato. “We have already suspended the first nurse arrested and the other two under investigation for mistreatment in the Castelbuono nursing home and the preparatory procedure for the suspension will also be initiated for the latter,” he adds. Amato announces that the Order of Nurses will be a civil party in these proceedings. “We have acted and will act – he declares – always with the utmost rigor and with every possible tool against those who commit similar crimes and against anyone who damages the image of serious and competent professionals”.


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Covid pretends vaccinate vax couple nurse arrested Sicily

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