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The spread of the avian flu virus has been buffered, but its economic consequences are always being felt. From 5 to 11 January, the avian outbreaks recorded throughout Italy by the Izsve (Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie) increased from 298 to 306 and of these only one is located in the province of Verona. The Veronese area, with 179 outbreaks, remains the area most affected by a virus that does not worry humans on the health front but affects their economic activities.

A partial update was provided yesterday, January 13, by the Municipality of Isola della Scala. With a post on Facebook, the island administration announced that “all the outbreaks that have occurred in our territory are closed” and that “all the carcasses between the three provinces of Verona, Padua and Vicenza have been disposed of: overall more than 35,000 tons”. Compensation protocols for the damage suffered, estimated at around 57 million euros, have been activated for breeders. “The Veneto Region estimates to provide a total of around 100 million – the communication of the Municipality of Isola della Scala reads – Meanwhile, all the procedures have been started with the European Commission and with the Ministry for any other forms of compensation”.

And as in Isola della Scala, also in the other Veronese territories we proceed in the same way, hoping to be able to restart the farms as soon as possible. The problem, in fact, is affecting the entire supply chain, as explained by the unions by Matteo Mohorovicich of Tgr. The Aia food industry, specialized in the processing of poultry meat, had to trigger the layoffs in the plants of Nogarole Rocca, San Martino Buon Albergo and Zevio. Maria Pia Mazzasette, secretary of Flai CGIL Verona, explained that production in the slaughterhouses in Aia has dropped and there are departments that work two or three days a week or only half a day. And the secretary of Fai Cisl Verona Matteo Merlin added that next Monday a meeting will be held in the Region to find social safety nets for temporary workers who do not have them.


Avian flu Hague Redundancy fund

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