from plates to glasses, which products are banned

from plates to glasses, which products are banned
from plates to glasses, which products are banned

The ban on the use of single-use plastic products takes effect today. Italy thus follows the so-called Direct Sup of the EU to protect the environment. Here are the banned products.

Italy also says stop using the disposable plastic. Shoot today, Friday 14 January, the prohibition of use of disposable plastic items (non-compostable and biodegradable) as required by legislative decree 196, published in the Official Journal of 30 November last. This is a fundamental step in the protection of our seas and oceans where the amount of plastic present is between 5 and 13 million tons. Numbers that prompted the European Union to sign the so-called in 2019 Sup Directive (Single Use Plastic) with which you want to reduce considerably the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. From today, therefore, various disposable plastic objects are banned from supermarkets and retailers, from plates to glasses: here is the complete list of products.

It is important to underline that the categories involved only concern disposable plastic, therefore the non-biodegradable or compostable one: from today it will be forbidden to use plastic plates and cups, ear sticks (cotton buds), straws, weeks for the support of balloons, containers and glasses for food and drinks in expanded polystyrene and relative caps and lids. Also banned from the shelves of shops and supermarkets are articles in “oxo-degradable” plastic, ie plastic materials containing additives which through oxidation lead to the fragmentation of the plastic material into micro-fragments). Anyone who fails to comply with the law will be sanctioned with a fine ranging from 2.500 a 25mila euro.

For all shops and manufacturers that still have stocks of disposable plastic products in stock, they will be able to sell them until they run out: in this case, however, it will be necessary to prove that they have actually been placed on the market before 14 January 2022. Legambiente criticism according to which the law would allow replacement with other materials and therefore reuse: “In recent weeks plastic products very similar to disposable ones are appearing but ‘reusable ‘ for a limited number of times, as indicated on the packaging – we read in a note a way, in our opinion, to circumvent the ban and which leads to an increase in the use of plastic rather than a decrease “.


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