intimate details of the couple revealed

The men and women at the center of the study were dropped the bomb, revealing the intimate details that the couple experienced.

Men and women returns to the small screen of the Italians for the last appointment of this week and immediately starts with the Throne Over, showing us the new knight come to know Elena, the lady who denied the exclusive to Biagio.


The knight says he is very interested in making her acquaintance, but she saw him too serious for his personality and for this reason he did not accept his knowledge, reiterating however that this is not a sign of closeness towards Biagio as it is not i loved the way of bullying, so he defined it, with which he addressed her. This is why their acquaintance ended.

A brief discussion arises between the knight and the lady Tina Cipollari intervenes to attack him, claiming that if he was so interested in her he could continue an acquaintance. Instead it is just an excuse to be at the center of the studio and would do nothing but blame everything that has happened between them.

Armando Incarnato drops the bomb on men and women: did the lady lie?

It continues with the protagonists of the Trono Over and at the center of the studio Maria De Filippi calls Armando Incarnato and in front of him makes Gloria and Sabrina pillowcases. They are not alone, however, as Mirko joins the study center and Gloria decides to close the acquaintance with him because she is convinced that she is not interested in her considering that he never has time to see or hear her. Mirko justifies herself by stating that she has a very full life and she doesn’t think it’s compatible with hers.

arming men and women bomb

However, she wants to continue to continue the acquaintance with Armando but he does not seem very convinced as he believes that she has inconsistent attitudes because for Mirko he tried a mental attraction, despite having heard little of him, and physical towards her after he told her the story of his life. She can’t find a meeting point with him and closes the knowledge.

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But Armando thunders and states that between him and Gloria there was more than just a kiss, leaving very little room for imagination. The lady denies and chooses to go back to her place as he has gone into too much detail, overstepping for what was bad taste for her.

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Teresanna crushes Armando revealing that he does not feel particular sympathy towards him and even if all this had happened he would have made a good impression not to go into detail.

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