Quirinale, competition between the party leaders to become kingmaker- Corriere.it

Quirinale, competition between the party leaders to become kingmaker- Corriere.it
Quirinale, competition between the party leaders to become kingmaker- Corriere.it
from Francesco Verderami

Attempts by leaders to act as directors in the election of the President of the Republic. The Salvini-Meloni challenge, Letta wants to play with Conte’s cards

Letta, Meloni, Renzi, Salvini and the Conte-Di Maio diarchs are the directors of the Quirinale challenge: since they all are, it means that nobody is. There are more kingmakers than big voters, says the centrist Quagliariello, aware that the difficulties in negotiations depend on the need for this heterogeneous company to determine without being overridden. So they flex their muscles to each other on a daily basis. In reality, the real directors are those who impose a solution without leaving a trace and boasting about it. But the child condition of the political situation. And then it will be necessary to wait until the end of the Race to understand who the kingmaker will have only shown it and who instead will have really done it, disguising himself.

At the moment everyone thinks they have cards
and uses them following a certain pattern. Renzi, for example, repeats the game that a year ago led him to win at the government table on Conte. And try not to make it clear if this time he is bluffing or if he has another ace in his hand. Yesterday he threw three different hypotheses for the Quirinale, because you should never fall in love with just one solution. And it is not known which one it is aiming for. It is not even discovered with his parliamentarians: I gather them online, so I confuse them better. More or less what Salvini does when he sees his allies, who begin to give signs of annoyance. He speaks, he speaks. And it confuses you, says a center-right executive: He says one thing and its opposite. Either brilliant or ….

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The only sure thing is that he claims the role of the kingmaker in the coalition
, enough to have challenged (only for twenty-four hours) Berlusconi. For the rest he does and undoes all the time, navigating between loyalty to the Knight and the offer of a table to those who cannot see the Knight. This perpetual motion yesterday prompted Calenda to say to him in Roman dialect ‘a Matte’ give peace. Because in a while you will also be nominating Prodi at the Quirinale. And while everyone in the alliance vows to sail on sight, the Northern League leader announces that he is well advanced.

It will be because he is in trouble with the Knight and does not want to hand over to Meloni
, which belongs to the old school and limits its statements. Even if the repeated public appearances with Letta earned her the nickname of Sandra and Raimondo in the Palazzo. There is a bet that today at the top of the center-right, the president of the Brothers of Italy will begin to reveal her game, asking Berlusconi for the names of the alleged additional votes he claims to have, because this time we cannot risk losing the presidency of the Republic. They would laugh at us. The propitious occasion, indeed a historic moment.

On the other hand, in fact, those who have always held the counter at the Colle table
in trouble. Letta, who has just become leader of the Democratic Party, not only has a few cards, plus everyone in his party plays at being kingmakers. Even his deputy al Nazareno, Provenzano, went on his own for Amato. But there are other fearsome comrades: those who control the groups. And when in recent weeks it seemed that Letta was definitely betting on Draghi – as revealed by one of the most authoritative members of the Democrats – there was half a revolt. Then the secretary justified himself by saying that he is doing so because we cannot appear hostile towards the premier. He focuses on an intermediate figure.

Perci Letta attempted to make a proposal to the kingmakers of the opposing forces
: This match for the Quirinale must not be won by anyone. But after thirty years in which the Democratic Party (or whatever it was called then) always took the dish, it was unthinkable that the others would accept. Then, finding himself without cards, the leader of the Democrats aims to play with the cards of others: those of Conte. Too bad that the other diarch, Di Maio, considers it unacceptable. And the other evening, in one of the interminable meetings of the Movement, the former minister Spadafora said in the face of the former prime minister that the Democratic Party cannot decide at home. And you have to make it clear to him. Conte in the negotiations not considered an ace among the grillini: At the time of the government with the Lega it was Luigi who struggled with Salvini, while he was on the beach of Gaeta.

In the midst of this chaos Berlusconi went ahead
. And to block his way his opponents – says a dem deputy – are even using Covid. The Quaestors of the Democratic Party, M5S and Leu, in view of the votes in the Chamber, have blocked to prevent the large voters positive for the virus from participating in some way in the election of the head of state. So they think of taking away the numbers once and for all. Who knows what the Knight will say to his allies today. Than not a kingmaker, an influencer capable of advertising only himself.

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