At just 18 years old, she is the youngest teacher in Italy: “Teaching is thrilling me”

Is called Giorgia Easter, is Sicilian (originally from Randazzo, a town in the province of Etna) and alone 18 years old is the youngest teacher in Italy. A record in all respects, because until a few months ago Giorgia was studying to graduate from the hotel institute ‘Medi’ by Randazzo. And in a very short time she managed to get a professorship. In fact, he obtained the position as a substitute teacher at the ‘Maggia’ institute in Stresa, in the province of Verbania, the first hotel institute born in Italy. The subject she teaches to pupils only a little younger than her is Kitchen. These are two second and two fifth classes of the ‘Enogastronomy’ address. In the meantime, however, Giorgia is studying for the entrance tests to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

“I feel very comfortable here in Stresa – explains the young teacher School technique – the place is beautiful and I settled in immediately. I found hospitality in the home of a family originally from Randazzo, my town. Being my first experience away from family I was afraid a little luckily everything is going well. Everyone at school is polite and kind, it is strange to teach pupils which in some cases are repeating and therefore bigger than me, but they behave well ”.

Giorgia is facing the first time as a teacher in a complicated period in full pandemic. “I have to say thanks to a colleague who is helping me a lot in this first experience. I’ve been here since November and have already had to deal with ballots and lessons in Dad”.


Professor Pasqua, who has a good chance of continuing the whole school year in Stresa, is approaching this experience with enthusiasm and is developing the idea of ​​trying to enter the role despite the great passion for animals that drives her to study to enter Veterinary. Home is always home, but teach out it is however a formative experience that I am not displeased with – he affirms ”.

On the record of the youngest teacher in Italy he confides in us: “I suspected I was (in February he will be 19 years old) but I only recently received confirmation. A great satisfaction “.

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