the web does not forgive the final outburst

the web does not forgive the final outburst
the web does not forgive the final outburst

For the moment he hasn’t even apologized. There is no trace of mea culpa in the social media posts of Leo Bonucci who both on twitter and on Instagram has limited himself to looking forward after the knockout in Super Cup with Inter. The defender writes:

“We fought but it wasn’t enough. Congratulations to Inter. There is another match on Saturday and it will be necessary to win to continue chasing the goal. GO JUVE”.

No reference to the bad gesture at the end of the second overtime, when he was on the sidelines, ready to enter for the penalties, which by now everyone was certain before Sanchez close the games.

Bonucci’s reaction as seen by everyone on TV

After the goal, Leo, furious, went to to argue with the secretary of Inter, Mozzillo. In the video that goes crazy on social networks, the Juventus defender is seen almost raising his hands on the Nerazzurri manager who tries to shake Leo’s hands off him.

A gesture seen by all and which sparked general indignation on social media.

The fans condemn Bonucci for his gesture

Since last night, the web has hardly talked about anything else: “Embarrassing … ..and then he’s a sportsman off the pitch … ..and he’s a bully on the pitch” or even: “I don’t want to take away the habit of putting my hands on the smaller people. You are another Ibrahimovic“, Or:“ Go home, it’s late… Go make pasta ”.

There are those who write: “And FinoAllaFine don’t you write it? Oh maybe you were busy getting your hands on people. Buffone ”, who evokes characters from Gomorrah: “Bonucci in the Genny Savastano version doesn’t fit” and who remembers: “We already understood what Bonucci was this summer, when he blackmailed the high offices of state to make the European parade despite the pandemic”.

Nobody has the courage to defend the Juventus defender: “arrogance, presumption, rudeness, boorishness … A bad example of man! ” or also: “the scene was beautiful at the end. Why don’t you blame your teammates who weren’t able to do it?!? Or the phenomenon of a coach who waits for the last second to make the change… remember Madrid?!? ” and finally: “The tension must not authorize similar behaviors … There are many people who look at you, and who must not take an example from such episodes”.



web forgive final outburst

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