Rome, two hours on the ground after an accident. “Ambulances are missing”

Rome, two hours on the ground after an accident. “Ambulances are missing”
Rome, two hours on the ground after an accident. “Ambulances are missing”

Two hours lying on the ground, in the cold, wounded, waiting for an ambulance that never seems to arrive. It happened on Tuesday evening at nine in a central area like the Trieste district. In the accident between a scooter and an SUV at the intersection of via Panaro and via Clisio, the young man on a moped has the worst. The driver gets out to help him and calls 118: «Stay still, now the ambulance is coming». But the means of emergency, after repeated reminders and to the amazement of those who watch or look out of the window, will show up on the spot only at 11:19 pm two hours later. How come? “Fault of Covid, ambulances are missing: they remain stuck in the emergency room of the capital”, respond to the protests the operators intervened. A phenomenon on which the Nas carabinieri are now also investigating, on Tuesday present at Sant’Andrea. The same day when the regional councilor Francesca De Vito shot a video complaint about ambulances stuck in the emergency room.

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It happens that the 118 teams remain nailed to hospital pitches, waiting for beds to be made available for the sick or wounded waiting; many are Covid suspects and need isolated routes that aren’t always there. Meanwhile on the street, there are a handful of ambulances available, mostly addressed to the red codes, the most serious, and in the limbo of pending interventions, dozens of calls are queued, with peaks of 50/60. That of Tuesday at Salario is not the only case. To help an elderly man who fell at home and with a broken femur in Prima Porta, on the same day, the Centocelle ambulance had to intervene, again with a delay. A couple of weeks ago, after asking for help for a lady who had fallen on the street while getting on a bus in Viale Palmiro Togliatti, the V Group brigade, unnerved by the waiting for an ambulance, paid for a taxi out of their own pocket. to take her to the hospital. Not only. It is now routine for rescued people to remain inside ambulances for hours, even days, before receiving the most appropriate treatment. Yesterday afternoon 6 vehicles were blocked at Pertini, 14 at Sant’Andrea, just to name a few, 5 at Tor Vergata. Vehicles also stopped at S, Giovanni and Tivoli.

And on Tuesday the Nas took note of what was happening in the Sant’Andrea square: thirteen cars were blocked, three with people on board and three in the square from the previous day, an ambulance even from 12.36 on Monday.

«A phenomenon however – explains the councilor of the De Vito mixed group who documented the stopped ambulances in a video complaint – which does not only concern Sant’Andrea but all the Capitoline hospitals. Years ago there were problems because hospitals held stretchers together with patients, now with the increase of Covid cases there are doctors who visit directly in ambulances or in private cars. But if all these vehicles are stopped, who will help in case of accidents or urgent calls? Nobody. As a rule, an ambulance in Rome should cover a radius of 6, at most 10 kilometers, but now they shuttle from one part of the city to the other ». In the video De Vito represents that “here there is an elderly woman who has been waiting to be seen for 4 hours, immobile, without being able to go to the bathroom, and only after my insistence and that of the operators – he says – the nurses came out to clean her . We remember that the temperatures of these days are close to zero and that, paradoxically, the ambulances risk the fines of the NAS because they should not keep the engines running ». On Tuesday at 6.30 pm the 85-year-old woman, positive and with a previous ischemia, was still on the apron at the time of the “on the road” crew change. «A collapsing situation – says Alessio Elcani secretary of Confail Sanità Lazio, who carried out the rescue -. The operators are exhausted, the target of anger from the relatives of the sick when they arrive on a rescue. We need a real and immediate remedy ».


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