Car tax 2022, how much you pay: how to calculate the amount

Car tax: when it must be paid in 2022 and the procedures to follow. The tax must be paid on an annual basis. The Revenue Agency supervises

Car tax 2022, how to know how much to pay: the procedures to be done (Ansa)

The new year has arrived and with it the related tax deadlines. Among these there is the stamp auto, which after the extensions and suspensions due to the Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021, it returns to its regular deadlines. The so-called “stamp“Is the ownership tax for any vehicle duly registered with the PRA, ie the public motor vehicle register. Someone regions they postponed it (like Lombardy), others exempted some particular categories from payment. There fee it must be paid every year, and the Revenue Agency supervises the regularity of payments.

Every expiration is different, so you have to be careful when you have to pay for it. The calculation is made based on the first payment of the stamp. In general, the tax must be paid starting from January 1st to 31st 2022 if it expired on December 31st 2021. It is a regional tax, therefore each one regulates independently on the management and debt collection.

Auto Stamp 2022, how to know how much to pay: the procedures to follow

Clearly theamount it varies depending on the type of vehicle you own. To find out when and how much to pay, the simplest method is to go to the ACI website (the motorist’s portal) on this page. On the right column of the page, in the “online services” menu there is the item “Car tax”.

Pressing opens another menu: at that point you have to click on “Calculate the stamp and the super stamp”. A page will open that will show us three steps. You have to select the options under the yellow box “Vehicle and holder data” and then select the type of payment (renewal, etc.), then the type of vehicle (cars, mopeds, etc.) and then the region of residence of the holder. At that point the targa and press on “calculate”. Then a page with all the information on our vehicle. At the bottom there is “total stamp duty “, with the total amount to be paid.

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At that point we can press on two buttons: one to perform a new calculation, and the other to do the payment. We will find a summary of the data entered, but we must “log in” to the site, ie register and access the Aci site. To do this we can use the account “SPID“, Or the credentials of the Aci site through the Electronic Identity Card (CIE), but also the European login with eIDAS. If we don’t have any of these inscriptions you must first register for one of these services. The method SPID it is the most convenient, because it allows you to take advantage of many others services of the public administration. Once inside we can pay the stamp using your credit card or Paypal. There are other methods, such as home banking via Cbill, or Satispay or EasyPol.

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